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Health and wellbeing

Loughborough University is engaging with the health and wellbeing challenge as an issue of high importance for the whole of the nation.

Looking after mental and physical health is a factor that features in the life of everyone, and as such we want the cutting edge research taking place on campus to have a real impact on the lives of every individual.

Being the host for the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine East Midlands (NCSEM) puts us in a prime position to develop our existing first class research, to utilise the state of the art facilities provided by the NCSEM to increase capacity, and enhance our bank of specialist knowledge across campus. 

We currently have researchers working in areas including:

  • Dementia 
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic diseases
  • Eating disorders 
  • Childhood obesity


Your gift; your impact

Donations have enabled the development of a new world-class facility at Loughborough that could one day see us diagnosing cancer through a simple breath test.

The Small-Molecule Phenomic Facility will allow our researchers to capture previously unattainable levels of detail when analysing blood, urine, skin, saliva and breath samples. The aim is to identify new biomarkers associated with a multitude of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, leading to improved non-invasive early diagnostic technology and personalised healthcare interventions for these life-threatening diseases. 

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