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Facing dementia as a family – the Loughborough Family

We are calling on you, our Loughborough family, to help us face dementia together.

<strong>Professor Eef Hogervorst</strong><br/>
Chair of Biological Psychology<br/>
Loughborough Dementia Research Lead Academic Professor Eef Hogervorst
Chair of Biological Psychology
Loughborough Dementia Research Lead Academic

There are 50 million people living with dementia worldwide with just under a million of these living in the UK. What is more alarming than these figures is the fact that dementia is now the biggest killer in the UK, overtaking heart disease and cancer. Here at Loughborough, we are more determined than ever to fight this terrible disease and help those affected by it through our research.

As the Academic Lead for dementia research at Loughborough, I understand the devastating effects dementia has on individuals and their loved ones. I see it through the research we do and the people we meet along the way.

My research colleagues Sue and Liz have both lost their fathers to dementia, and I know many others who have too. The devastating impact of this disease is one of the reasons why I and other academics here at Loughborough do what we do.

We want to face dementia as a family – the Loughborough Family. Your support would make a great impact on Loughborough’s research. If you could donate whatever you can, it would go towards transforming dementia care, diagnosis and prevention.

My colleagues and I could redesign ambulances and hospitals to reduce the anxiety so often experienced by dementia sufferers when they are most vulnerable. We could also redesign houses for people with dementia so they can maintain their independence for longer. We could protect carers from the battles they face trying to navigate a maze of services, so they get the right help - fast. We could save an estimated 30,000 lives a year by helping people in their lifestyles, slowing the onset of dementia by making simple changes to diet and exercise patterns.

Already our research into nutrition has proven that something as simple as changing the type of flour a person uses can reduce the risk of dementia and improve memory in older age. Our findings could help one of your friends or a loved one, or even you at some stage in the future.

Today, we can start to face dementia together. You may be inspired by your own family, you may want to join your University in making a difference or you may wish to remember a loved one lost to dementia. Whatever your personal motivation, please donate now.

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Your gift; your impact

Our Facing Dementia as a family fundraising campaign generated a huge response from our supporters and as a result, Eef, Sue and Liz have been able to unveil their showcase project Dementia House.

The building, which is located at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, incorporates several innovative concepts and technologies to support individuals living with dementia. These range from simple inexpensive solutions to high tech innovations, all of which are based on proven academic research. 

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