Undergraduate study


Performance sport

You have a number of sports to choose from with enhanced high performance programs. These help us achieve competitive excellence by combining our superb training facilities with high quality coaching and extensive support services.

Performance sport

If you are talented enough to secure a place you will be competing at the highest levels of national competition or even competing internationally. Many of our coaches have international or Olympic experience so the quality of training is exceptional.

Demand for places is high but if you make it you will be part of a unique training culture that helps students to maximise their sporting potential whilst continuing to achieve academically.

Our experience in supporting student-athletes is also second to none and we know how hard it can be to excel in your sport and study. That is why we have developed a unique system for academic support of students with exceptional sporting talent (junior international and above).

The academic flexibility we can offer will help you balance the demands of competing at the highest levels whilst studying. We also offer sport scholarships to help meet some of the costs of training and competition.