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Applying to Loughborough

Applications for all undergraduate courses at Loughborough must be made online through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). This applies to all UK, EU and international students.

How to apply

For entry in 2017, the application deadline is 15 January 2017. Applications received after this date will only be considered if places are still available. For more information about the application process visit the UCAS website.

Loughborough’s institution name is LBRO, and our institution code is L79. The course code will depend on the degree to which you are applying. 

A guide to the UCAS application process

For advice on how to complete the UCAS application process, take a look at our quick guide.

Admissions Policy and Procedures

In line with the University’s Admissions Policy, applications are welcomed from students irrespective of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, religious or political beliefs, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

The diversity and wealth of experience that our students contribute to the life of the University is highly valued. As such the University seeks to widen access to, and participation in, higher education by raising awareness and aspirations of prospective applicants.

Find out more about the University’s Admissions Policy and other supporting information for applicants.


You should have achieved or be expected to achieve the entry requirements for the course. Meeting this standard, however, does not guarantee an offer. Many of our courses receive numerous applications for each available place. As such we cannot offer places to all those who attain the minimum entry requirements.

If the school/department decides to offer you a place, you will receive a letter setting out any conditions attached to the offer such as achievement in the academic qualifications you are currently studying towards. Your offer will also be available to view on UCAS Track. For entry in 2017, all conditions – both academic and non-academic (such as fee status) – must be met by 31 August 2017. Conditions met after this deadline will only be considered if places are available.

If you already hold the qualifications required when you apply, we may ask you to send copies of these to the University so we can verify them prior to making a decision.

UK-based applicants receiving an offer will normally be invited to attend a post-application visit day. These visits enable you to see the campus, the school/department and our facilities, as well as give you an opportunity to speak to students and staff.

Understanding university decisions

Find out all you need to know about the different types of decisions a university can make once you have submitted your UCAS application.

Transfer between courses

In some cases, transfers to another course following admission to the University are allowed provided that the academic requirements are met, but this is not guaranteed. Transfer between variants of the same course (for example, BEng Civil Engineering and MEng Civil Engineering) are arranged by the school/department concerned.

Deferred entry

Each year a number of applicants decide to take a gap year and defer entry for 12 months. In most cases, the University encourages this, provided the year is spent pursuing worthwhile activities. You can either apply for deferred entry when you make your application, or, if you decide to take a gap year at a later stage, please contact the University in writing as soon as possible.

For further information contact the Admissions Office by email or telephone +44 (0)1509 223522

Loughborough University has taken care that this information is as accurate as possible. It is intended as a general guide to the courses and facilities available to students commencing an undergraduate programme in September 2017. Please note that although we do not anticipate that there will be major changes to the information provided, the University reserves the right to revise courses and their modules to ensure they remain current and up-to-date, to respond to external developments and for a number of practical reasons. The University's Terms and Conditions of Study provide more details of the circumstances in which we may amend our courses both after application and whilst students are registered and how we will keep you informed of any changes. Admission to Loughborough is subject to the requirement that applicants accepting offers, and students on registration, agree to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.