Undergraduate study2017


Higher education can open the doors to a huge world of opportunity and is a lot more than just getting a qualification.

You get to study something you are interested in, you can develop your employability skills and improve your career prospects, increase your earning potential and get to develop your social life and extra-curricular activities in a way that’s unique to university life.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re doing your research such as what you want to study, where you want to study and what you want to go on to do for your career. There is so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start.

UCAS have a handy guide that can help you start on the right track. You can research all the courses available at Loughborough online if you think this is the place for you as well as a lot of information on what it’s like here.

You can never have too much information. Request more information from the universities that you’re interested in to help you narrow down your choice a little more.

You can find a lot of information online while you’re waiting for your prospectus to come through the post, so always worth looking at the online prospectus for detailed information.

All applications for courses are done online through UCAS. This applies whether you’re a UK, EU or international student.

Your school or college should help you through the application process, but everything you need to know and how to do it including filling in your application and writing your personal statement is available on the UCAS website.

Our institution name is LBRO and our code is L79.

After you’ve made your choices, you’ll be invited to a visit day to find out more about your chosen course and department. You may even be invited to attend an interview, but this depends on the course.

It’s a really good idea to visit again, you may have forgotten things about the university in general and it also gives you an excellent opportunity to find out much more about your chosen subject.

Plan your visit day ahead of the actual day, so you can really make the most of it. Our open day information can be found here and we’ve got dates running in June and September.

So you’ve visited, applied, received your offers and visited again, now it’s time to make your choices! You should have a pretty good idea of where you want to go, but it’s always worth doing that final comparison and making sure you’re happy with your decisions.

If you make Loughborough your firm choice before the end of July, we guarantee you a room in University accommodation. You can find out about the process of applying for accommodation and more information on the accommodation we have to offer here.

The wait for your exam results is over and today is the day you find out what’s happening and where you’ll be going.

Your actual A-Level grades will be available at your school, but you’ll find out your status electronically from around 8am.

It’s a nerve racking time and if you’ve reached your grades and been accepted at either your firm or insurance choice, you’ll be able to find out via UCAS Track. We also e-mail all our successful students fairly early in the morning.

If you’ve not got the results you expected for whatever reason, there are still plenty of options open to you. You might want to enter the clearing system. It’s worth being prepared to know which university you’re going to phone and their dedicated clearing numbers in advance, so you’re not panicking on the day.

We have a dedicated clearing website on the run up to results day with some handy hints and tips on everything you need to know.

You’ve made it to university and now you’ve started building your #LboroFamily and are making those lasting memories.

With our outstanding single-site campus, our fabulous Students’ Union, our unrivalled sports facilities, not to mention our teaching excellence, you’ll be able to build an experience that you’ll never forget.

Now you’re a graduate, it’s time for a new phase in your life. You may have already secured a graduate position through a placement year, taken advantage of the careers help that’s on offer, decided to further your studies with a postgraduate course or be branching out and starting your own business.

Whichever path you take, you can use your experiences as an undergraduate at Loughborough to progress with confidence.

We have a strong and vibrant alumni community here at Loughborough. It’s a great way of staying in touch with the people you studied and built your university life with. There are over 30 overseas groups as well as groups who regularly organise reunions in the UK.

We hold regular events throughout the year and being an alumni also has its benefits in terms of discounts of some the leading brands in the UK as well as discounts on postgraduate study and reduced rates for use of campus facilities.

Loughborough really is for life.