Animation for Health and Wellbeing MA

Entry requirements:
2:1 +
1 year
2 years
Start date:
October 2018
UK/EU fees:
International fees:



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Our Animation for Health and Wellbeing MA is predicated on the view that animation is the most omnipresent, versatile and progressive moving-image practice in the contemporary era, across platforms and across disciplines. This affords a range of opportunities for highly progressive and innovative work from a broad spectrum of backgrounds: eg criminology, art, psychology, design, education, computing and English, to name a few.

The Animation Academy at Loughborough University is a world-leading research group which, in association with Healing Education Animation Research Therapy, East Midlands (HEART EM) at Loughborough University, is an award-winning research and enterprise group. This innovative and pioneering postgraduate programme enables you to explore and push the boundaries of animation in the public, private and charitable sectors.

You will be given the opportunity to develop their own work in one of these areas:

  • Using ‘The Good Hearts Model’ you will have the opportunity to learn about participatory animation and how it is used in the therapeutic, educational, criminological process, and applied to a topic of the your choice.
  • Auto-therapeutic Animation provides a platform for personal expression, communication and self-exploration. You will have the opportunity to produce a personal short film based on a personal issue or cause, developing a process and film that empowers you or others by giving a voice to concerns.
  • Using Assistive Animation technology, you will identify a pertinent issue in the wider social arena producing a publicly mediated outcome. This area will allow you to explore how animation, design and its processes can be used in an assistive way for services or impactful visual purpose e.g. educational apps, websites, health campaigns, exhibitions etc.

The Animation Academy, in association with HEART EM, also stages the annual internationally attended Animation and Public Engagement Symposium (APES) event. You will be able to engage with this event and the work of HEART EM. Additionally, you will be able to access the Animation Academy Collection. The Animation Academy also publishes the Intellect journal, Animation Practice, Process & Production.

What makes this programme different?

  • Opportunities for personal expression, communication and self-exploration
  • Highly progressive and innovative

Who should study this programme?

Our Animation for Health and Wellbeing MA is aimed at students from a variety of disciplines eager to explore how animation can both facilitate and communicate models of health and wellbeing.

An honours degree (2:1 or above) or equivalent overseas qualification.

Important notice: Disclosing and Barring Service (DBS) checks. All prospective students will be subject to DBS checks and/or the equivalent overseas check(s) if they have spent time (normally more than 6 months) living overseas.

All applicants for admission to Loughborough University must have a qualification in English Language before they can be admitted to any course or programme, whether their first language is English or not. Find out more.

IELTS: overall 6.5 with minimum 6.0 in each component.

What you'll study

Our MA in Animation for Health and Wellbeing offers exciting opportunities to explore the possibilities of animation in the public, private and charitable sectors.


Animation for Health and Wellbeing covers a wide range of topics; to give you a taster we have expanded on some of the core modules affiliated with this programme and the specific assessment methods associated with each module. The Animation for Health and Wellbeing programme is cumulative in structure, progressing through the following compulsory modules.

Semester 1

This module introduces animation as a remedial treatment of emotional, physical, societal, behavioural and educational issues. Using a variety of techniques, it focuses on intervention or support intended to produce rehabilitation or social, political, behavioural and educational change within communities, individuals, practices or organisations worldwide. You will commence an initial investigation into how animation can be used in a positive and impactful way, offering possible solutions to a particular issue.

This module requires the exploration of contemporary and emerging materials, processes and techniques relevant to individual and group practice. Detailed findings are reported in verbal, visual and written formats.

Semester 2

This module focuses on proposing, developing and evaluating a final project proposal in the context of professional and entrepreneurial practice, and through examining commercial, technical, social and ethical opportunities and constraints.

This module develops the 'research journey' in relation to the appropriate use of research questions, context, methods and practice. This includes: literature reviews, development of hypotheses, development of research strategy, validation of research methods and a poster presentation.

Summer period

Creative studio practice in this module is proposed in the student-led learning agreement and informed by tutorial review. The learning agreement is finalised in the first week of study, through negotiation between you and the responsible examiner.

How you'll be assessed

Assessment is continuous and based on an appraisal of practice, written material, related research, and professional and entrepreneurial skills in relation to the final project outcome(s).

How you'll study

Independent study
Group work
Practical sessions
Field trips

Your personal and professional development

The Animation for Health and Wellbeing MA is centred around the project proposal written by the student. We look for original, thought-provoking and innovative ideas that can be explored at MA level. To that end we expect a level of maturity and autonomy which you can build on whilst studying at Loughborough University. The MA provides you with the theoretical, conceptual, practical and entrepreneurial skills needed to further develop your practice in a professional environment.

Future career prospects

The Animation for Health and Wellbeing MA programme is designed to develop specialist knowledge and expertise to work in animation and across a number of disciplines.

We aim to enable you to identify your own personal direction and understand your role as an animator within the industry and the community.

Some students also choose to progress to PhD study.

Your personal development

The programme aims to:

  • develop in you a range of advanced conceptual, practical and professional skills that will enable you to realise your creative aspirations through animation
  • extend your conceptual thinking and research skills in order to consolidate your individual practice
  • enhance the practice of animation, through increased acquaintance with historical precedents, contemporary practice, and emerging technologies
  • enable a critical synthesis between intellectual understanding, empathetic and ethical engagement with others, and technical skill
  • instil an ability to articulate sophisticated ideas visually, verbally and in writing
  • enable you to identify your own personal direction and understand your role as an animator within the industry and the community
  • develop your awareness and knowledge of the professional and ethical context within your discipline.

Fees and funding


Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching, assessment and operating University facilities such as the library, IT equipment and other support services. University fees and charges can be paid in advance and there are several methods of payment, including online payments and payment by instalment. Special arrangements are made for payments by part-time students.