Postgraduate study

How to apply for accommodation

Applying for accommodation is straight forward, but you will need to have done a few things first. The steps below will guide you through the process. Once complete you will be one step closer in joining the Loughborough family.

All applications and contracts for University halls of residence are conducted online – there is no paper work to complete. If you have some unanswered questions either give our accommodation team a call or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Postgraduate Taught students can apply online from the middle of April. Accommodation offers will be sent (subject to availability) from June. Postgraduate Research students who are due to arrive in December, April and July, please email us for details of availability.

For further information please see our Campus Living website or alternatively you can contact the Student Accommodation Centre.

Step 1: Choose

From April, using your University Application Number you can register online to apply for University halls accommodation.

Step 2: T&C's

Read and accept our Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.

Step 3: Submit

Submit up to 3 preferences for accommodation. You will receive an email confirming the preference options you have selected. The allocation system will take into account both your preference options and date of application.

Step 4: Offer

From June, once your academic place at Loughborough has been accepted and confirmed, subject to availability you will be sent an offer email with details on how to view and accept your accommodation offer online. This offer should be accepted within 8 days.

Step 5: Accept

Confirm your room by acknowledging our Terms & Conditions and accepting the contract online. You will be sent a confirmation email containing a copy of your accommodation contract.

Step 6: Finalise

Complete your post-contractual requirements: pay your room bond upon acceptance of your Licence, complete your online induction and book your arrival slot (available from August).

Please note: University Halls accommodation can only be offered once your academic place at Loughborough has been confirmed and you have been issued with a Loughborough University ID number. If you have any queries, please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Step 7: Pay

When you arrive at Loughborough University you will automatically have a student account in place. This is linked to your registration number which you’ll receive when your place to study is confirmed.

All charges such as hall fees and tuition fees are billed to this account. The University charges accommodation fees on a termly basis and you will receive 3 statements throughout each year. The University welcomes you (or your parents/guardians) to set up a direct debit to cover any of the fees you will incur. Alternatively, payments can be made online or in person at the Finance Office located in the Rutland Building.