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Connecting your Mac OS X to the wireless network

To connect your Mac OS X to the wireless network, eduroam:

  1. Open settings and join the “setup-wifi” network
  2. Open a web browser; your device will be redirected to a configuration page. If your browser doesn’t automatically redirect, visit:
  3. Follow the instructions to configure your device to connect to eduroam

Mac OS X

Learn how to connect your Mac OS X to eduroam, the university's wireless network

Need more help?

The instructions given below are only for when this mechanism does not work.

Manual configuration is not possible on OSX 10.7 (OSX Lion) and higher, therefore, the following instructions can only be followed if running OSX earlier than 10.7 (which we no longer recommend).

Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority from the link below and follow the Certificate Authority Installation guide:

 CRT encoded - Windows / Mac OSX

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