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Google Chromebook

Connecting to eduroam

Please be aware that you will need to login as the main user account on the Chromebook before completing the following instructions.

You will need to join the setup-wifi network. When connected to the setup-wifi, if you open a web browser you will be redirected to a page which will help configure your device.

The instructions given below are only for when this mechanism does not work.



Open Chrome Web Browser

Open the Chrome web browser and navigate to

Click on the Technical Setup Details option. If your browser redirects you to the automatic configuration page, scroll to the bottom and click on the link "Your operating system is not currently support for automated configuration..." this will redirect you to


Download the certificate

Click on the link PEM encoded - Linux / Other‌ to download the ca.pem file.

Save the file to a location you will remember.


Open Chrome Web Browser

In the Chrome address bar, go to the following URL


4 screen grab: chromebook authorities

Choose Authorities.

Choose the 'Authorities' tab and then click the 'Import' button at the bottom.

5 screen grab: Chromebook trust cert.

Go to Downloads Folder

Select the ca.pem file you downloaded.

Once the certificate is loaded, ChromeOS will ask you to set the Trust settings.

Tick all the boxes,and click OK. You need to log out of the laptop and then log back in (if you don't, then the new CA certificate will NOT appear in any selection lists)

6 scgreen grab: chromebook, connection, add.

Open Chrome Browser

Open the Chrome browser again, navigate to chrome://settings.

Under the Internet Connection section click on Add connection button.

Select Add WI-FI....

7 screen grab: chromebook-settings

Click the Advanced Button

Complete the wireless details as below:

  • Server CA certificate: Loughborough University Network Services
  • Identity: your
  • Password: your University Password
  • Anonymous Identity:

You may save your identity and password - however, if you have a multi-user laptop, do not share the network with other users.

How to clear selected networks....

When setting up the Google Chromebooks it's not immediately clear how to forget setup-wifi and other such networks.The following steps can be done to forget such networks:

  • Sign in to the Chromebook with the account that has been designated as the owner.
  • Open a web browser Select Settings.
  • Select Preferred networks from the drop down list under WI-FI network
  • Delete any networks not needed.

This should help to fix some of the problems users are having when it automatically connects to setup-wifi etc.