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IT User Account

IT User Account


Students of the University are automatically registered for a range of University IT services and given a University user name, password and e-mail address.

Postgraduate and undergraduate students can obtain these from the Obtaining Credentials web page.


Staff and students are advised to change their password regularly. When you receive or change your password, it should not be divulged to anyone except a member of IT – otherwise it is a breach of our Acceptable Use Policy.

For security reasons, please note that passwords can only be issued verbally, via the Service Desk tel: 222333

Password Reset System - Initially set up four personal questions via the 'Enrol' option. Once enrolled, you can reset your password

Athens (Library databases)

When you are registered with IT, you are also given an Athens username and password, which provides access to a variety of nationally provided data sources (library databases). See Eduserv Athens User Obligations.

To check your original Athens password you will need to login into Learn to retrieve this.

To change your Athens password, you will need to login with your current Athens username and password to complete this.