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Loughborough University offers Google Apps for Education as the student email system. In addition to Google Mail (Gmail), Google Apps provides students with state-of the-art groupware.

Google Apps is used on a daily basis by around 16,000 Loughborough students. Email is the primary application used the students, but interest in the other Google Apps services is high with 75% of students using Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Even if you already use Google services you may need to familiarise yourself with Google Apps, as there are some differences between the services provided to individuals and those offered through the Google Apps system.

Setting up on your Mobile Device

With your Loughborough University Student Google account, (Undergraduate and Masters Student) you can sync your email, calendar, contacts with your  device.

Remember, if you have any problems with this, drop into the PC Clinic  and they can help you set things up.

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