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Virtual Servers

IT Services provides dependable and resilient virtual servers for Schools and departments. Using industry-leading virtualisation software from VMware and high quality server and storage components we are able to offer reliable and highly-available virtualised servers that are centrally funded. 

Our data centres are mirrored synchronously – in real time – between two physical locations. The ability to move virtualised servers to other physical hosts at either site gives an expected availability in excess of 99.99% and offers a complete failover option to another site in the event of a disaster affecting one of the sites or during planned site downtime. 

All storage is deployed over redundant disk arrays in a RAID configuration which offers excellent protection against disk failures. We use a number of separate backup technologies to ensure we can recover virtual servers in the event of a disaster and implement Microsoft shadow copies on departmental virtual servers to allow server managers to recover individual files and folders. 

By default Windows virtual servers, the operating system will be administered and kept secure by IT Services. Nominated service contacts / server managers will be responsible for the administration and security of the application layer. 

Where applications that require supplier installation and support, remote access via the VPN service, can be given upon request. 

IT Services can also provide virtual servers running the CentOS Linux distribution. 

Microsoft SQL Server can be provided, but before requesting a virtual server you should contact to discuss requirements.

It is not possible to support hardware dongles or similar physical devices as this will prevent the virtual server from migrating between Data Centres during monthly maintenance or in a disaster scenario. 

IT Services recommend a default configuration of processor cores; storage and memory for virtual servers that allows us to make optimal use of our resources and minimising our environmental impact.  

The default configuration for a virtual server is 2 processor cores, 2GB of memory and 100GB storage.   

For Windows this is divided over 2 drives C: System (60GB) and F: Application install (40GB).   

For Linux / System and home directories (40GB) /DATA Application install (60GB).    

This is monitored at the virtualisation layer and can be increased in response to demand or to meet supplier support contract requirements. 

To request a Virtual Server, Please email