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Leave, absence & working arrangements

Leaving the University

Are you leaving the University?

Please use this section to gather all information that may be useful if you are leaving the University.

Notice Periods

For information regarding Notice Periods in relation to your Job Family, please visit Conditions of service

Exit Questionnaires

For those members of staff who are leaving, the University would appreciate if they would fill out an Exit Questionnaire.

Although not compulsory, the information provided could prove extremely useful to the University and its organisational functions. For those who would like more information regarding Exit Questionnaire please contact HR. 

Returning University Property

Those leaving the University who are in possession of any University property must ensure that it is returned before leaving the University. Staff Identification Cards must also be returned to Human Resources as soon as possible after your last working day.

Payroll and Pensions

You must provide Human Resources with an up to date postal address. Please ensure that your address is correctly recorded on your my.HR page before you leave the University.

As you will no longer have access to your payslips in my.HR after you leave the University, you must provide the Payroll Office with an up to date email address before you leave so that your final payslip can be emailed to you. This can be done by accessing the my.HR page and is found under E-form Preferences (above the log out button).

Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain any historical payslips you may require from my.HR before you leave the University.

If you are a member of the University Superannuation Scheme or Local Government Pension Scheme then please visit Pensions


The University would appreciate it if you could complete the Exit Questionnaire (above) and forward to the Workforce Information Team (

This form collects data for employees “Activity on Leaving”, and “Location on Leaving” which is required by HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency). This data forms part of the University’s HESA Staff Return to aid the statistical analysis against other Higher Education Institutions. Staff cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Further Information about why this data is needed can be found by going to the HESA website (

University IT

On your last working day at the University, your access to my.HR will cease, and your University email (including the username and password) will be available for 30 days after your last working day.

Please ensure that you account for losing my.HR access and download any historical e-payslips, and forward any important emails as you feel necessary before your last working day.

For further information regarding access to IT after your leaving date, please see the IT Services Webpage.

Annual Leave

If you have not take your full annual leave entitlement (from 1 May up until your last working day) you will be required to fill out a Holiday Pay Form‌ that will need to be approved and signed by you department and sent to Payroll.

Your left over annual leave entitlement will then be paid in your final payslip. 

Should you require futher information that cannot be found on this page then please contact HR who will be able to help with any enquiries regarding leaving the University.

Loughborough University would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services during your employment at the organisation and would like to wish you every success in your future endeavours.