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Loughborough University takes the matter of harassment and bullying very seriously and is committed to the elimination of all forms of harassment and bullying.  A wide range of cases are dealt with but tend to be mainly staff to staff issues.

What is Harassment and Bullying?

Harassment and Bullying can take many forms, often involving the abuse of power or position.  These terms refer to behaviour which is hostile and/or offensive to the recipient or others, and which unreasonably interferes with an individual's work, academic performance or social life.

Such behaviour can create an intimidating environment which undermines the integrity or dignity of the individual.  It is unwelcome and can make an individual feel uncomfortable, unsafe, frightened or embarrassed.  Such behaviour may be physical, verbal or non-verbal, but the common link is that the behaviour is unwanted by the recipient or others, is unwarranted by the relationship and would be regarded as harassment or bullying by any reasonable person.

Confide Contact Details for Staff

Kam Bhupla Human Resources Tel: 222331 K.K.Bhupla@lboro.ac.uk
Lindsey Brown Human Resources Tel: 222171 L.A.Brown@lboro.ac.uk
Jayshree Lakha Civil and Building Engineering Tel: 223771 J.Lakha@lboro.ac.uk
Shelly Duckworth Human Resources Tel: 222247 R.Duckworth@lboro.ac.uk
Robert Pearson Academic Registry Tel: 222230


Phil Wilkinson-Blake School of Business and Economics Tel: 223134



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