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This page provides some information on how the Disability Office and Mental Health Support Team (MHST) treat the disability-related information provided by students. If you have any further questions please contact us.

What happens to the information I give to the Disability Office or Mental Health Support Team?

The University treats all personal and sensitive data according to the Data Protection Act (1998) and in line with its own Data Protection Policy. This means that the Disability Office and MHST work according to the following principles:

  • Specific details about your disability, mental health difficulty or medical condition are only passed to other people with your consent. Our advisers will always discuss this with you before any information is shared and you will be in control of how much information is shared and with whom. We will also endeavour to copy you into any such correspondence so that you are aware of any information which is shared.   
  • Information is only shared where there is a purpose, for example to make sure that exam arrangements are in place or to ensure that a reasonable adjustment can be made by the University to support your needs. 

Who will know about my disability or mental health difficulty?

If you disclose a disability or mental health difficulty to us, a record of this will be kept on the University’s central database unless you explicitly ask us not to do so. This is only visible to a limited number of people in your academic department and in the Disability Office and Mental Health Support Team (MHST), and will help ensure that your department are aware of your support needs and are able to make the necessary adjustments or provide the appropriate support. Departments share this information internally in different ways so you should check with your departmental administrator to establish whether this information will automatically be passed on to your lecturers.  

Does the University pass disability or mental health information on to any third parties?

The University is required to provide disability statistics to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Individual names and details are not identified in the statistics. Further information regarding this is available in the Student Handbook.

Our records are separate from your other records and as such will not be available for an employer to obtain without your permission.
In very rare and exceptional circumstances we may contact people without your permission. These circumstances include:

  • If we believed you may be a danger to yourself or others;
  • If you told us about a serious criminal offence, about using illegal drugs on University premises, involvement in terrorist activities, or gave us reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk;
  • If we were ordered by a court or other legal body of similar standing to release information. 

How securely is my information kept?

All the information we hold on students is kept in locked filing cabinets, accessible only to Disability Office staff or members of the MHST as appropriate. Any electronic records are also kept in a secure, shared file accessible only to Disability Office staff or members of the MHST as appropriate. Sensitive data is shredded when no longer required and the Disability Office and MHST operate a disposal schedule to ensure that data is not kept longer than is necessary.  

Can I accesss information held on me?

Yes.  Under the Data Pretection Act you have the right to see any written communication about you and as such we would be happy to give you access to that if you request it.  Please be advised that we may need you to make an appointment to come in and review this information.  If you wish to review your file please email us at disability@lboro.ac.uk and we'll make arrangements with you.

If you need information from us once you have left the University - such as a copy of your EP assessment or vertification of your exam arrangements -  we can provide that too, but we would need requests for this to come to us via your University alumni email so that we can be sure that the request is coming from you.  Information about your alumni email address can be found on the Alumni Association web pages here http://alumni.lboro.ac.uk/ (Please note, for student who graduated before 2010 who therefore do not have an alumni account we will ask you additional securioty questions in order to verify your identity.)

Can I ask for information about my disability or mental health difficulty to be removed from the University’s central database?

Yes, by contacting us at disability@lboro.ac.uk, visiting us in the Bridgeman Building, or telephoning (01509) 222770. You should note that this will mean that your academic department may not subsequently be aware of any of your needs.   

Data Retention Schedule

Further Information

Student Handbook for information on Data Protection

Admissions Policy for Students with Disabilities

Further general information on the Data Protection Act (1998) is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website


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