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One-to-one Specialist Study Support is student-centred and designed around your individual academic needs.  It involves an exploration of your own Specific Learning Difference and how it impacts on your learning along with developing the strategies most appropriate to you, as an individual.  The time it takes will vary depending on where you are in your learning journey. 

Ways in which our specialist tutors can help your study:

  • Guidance on more effective planning and structuring for essays and other research work
  • Teaching and developing academic writing skills (including assistance in developing proof-reading skills)
  • Providing positive and constructive specialist teaching on academic writing skills to help improve critical thinking and improve personal performance in academic situations
  • Assistance with developing more effective time management skills
  • Techniques for improving your own personal organisation skills.
  • Teaching individual development of memory techniques, especially for revision purposes
  • Teaching exam skills, especially towards understanding questions, planning answers and making effective use of extra time
  • Support in improving note-taking skills; particularly specialist teaching of individually appropriate concise and practical techniques
  • Specialist teaching to improve and develop your reading skills as the texts you need to conquer become more complex to read, understand, synthesise and remember
  • Specialist techniques to develop individual spelling skills
  • Fostering skills in grammar
  • Fostering skills of punctuation
  • Ways of using software effectively (including proof reading software)
  • Teaching mindfulness techniques to use to aid study skills – turn your procrastination into action
  • Promote self-understanding of your strengths and difficulties so that you can develop self-confidence with respect to your skills and your studies and self-esteem for your future
  • Promote employability skills.

The Study Support Service is at the forefront of the sector with specialist tutors who are all qualified teachers with postgraduate specialisms in areas which include: dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and mental health concerns and how they might affect your study.  The service is involved in research, publications and conference presentations.

A teaching service not a checking service  Please note: we do not provide a proof reading service or subject specific support

Download articles written by our specialist study support tutors:

Mindfulness for Study

The Study Support Services offers a unique programme of Mindfulness for Study – from procrastination to action.  The programme teaches basic mindfulness techniques and explores with students how they can be used for successful study strategies. 

To find out more, or when the next programme will run,contact: k.krcmar@lboro.ac.uk 


Mathematics Learning Support Centre

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre works closely with the Disability Office to provide extra support to students with additional needs.  Staff have built up much expertise in supporting students with dyslexia and other specific learning differences with the mathematical / statistical demands of their courses.

If you are registered with the Disability Office or would like to talk confidentially about dyslexia or dyscalculia, and require help with mathematics / statistics you may contact Clare Trott, our staff member who leads this work. Her email address is c.trott@lboro.ac.uk and telephone number is 01509 228258.

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