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Assessment for Specific Learning Difference (dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD[H]D)


At Loughborough University we can arrange for you to undertake an assessment. This is split into 3 stages.

Stage One – Self-assessment

Complete a self check questionnaire. If you answer ‘yes’ to 7 or more questions we advise you to book a screening appointment. To book this contact Sarah Wortley (Study Support administrator) on 01509 228 342 or email studysupport@lboro.ac.uk

If you want to discuss the outcome of the self assessment to see if screening is right for you then please come to one of the Disability Office Drop In sessions to speak to an advisor.

Stage Two - Screening

The screening will be with a specialist tutor who will talk with you about your learning style, your background and may ask you to complete some brief tests. This appointment usually lasts an hour. There is no cost for a screening appointment.  After this appointment the tutor may recommend a full assessment with an Educational Psychologist or advise you about general learning support at the university.

Please note:  We are unable to screen students who are in their final year, or who are on a one year discrete course, after the end of the 1st semester

We are unable to add your name to the screening waiting list after we break for Easter.

If you request a screening during the summer term you will be asked to contact us again at the start of the next academic year.

If you think that you do show indications of dyslexia or a similar learning difference and you are in your final year or on a one year course (this does not include SEFS), please contact us at the Study Support Service and we will be happy to provide you with information about where you can access private assessments ( studysupport@lboro.ac.uk ). 

If you wish to discuss any other aspects about disability, please contact the disability office and staff there will be happy to help ( disability@lboro.ac.uk ).

Stage Three – Assessment by an Educational Psychologist

If, after screening, you are recommended a full assessment then an Educational Psychologist will assess you for dyslexia. The fee for Educational Psychology Assessments is £150. This is a contribution to the full cost of Educational Psychology Assessments which are around £300 - £350.

The Educational Psychology Assessment usually lasts around 2 hours, but can take longer. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and you will receive a copy of the report which the Educational Psychologist writes about your assessment. The Educational Psychologist may recommend extra time in exams or other support at University.  Students assessed as dyslexic by an Educational Psychologist can also apply for Disabled Students Allowance.

Please note: If you fail to attend your assessment without giving at least 48 hours' notice, or without good reason you will be charged £100.  This cost is added to your university account.  CDS reserves the right to cancel this fee where a satisfactory reason for non-attendance can be given, and to refuse further assessment appointments when a satisfactory explanation for non-attendance is not given.

Private Assessment

If you are unable to have an Educational Psychologist Assessment through the University you may wish to have one done privately.

If you do have an assessment done privately please remember to forward a copy to the Disability Office so that we can put support in place.

Please find below contact details of the organisations who can arrange assessments for students who may have dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD[H]D and dyscalculia.

The professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties
http://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/     Telephone:  01386 712650.
BDA—Specialist Teachers/ AMBDA
A list of AMBDA specialist teachers/assessors is available from the BDA Helpline email
Dyslexia Action website
They will be able to give you information about assessors in your local area. http:/www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/ 

Please note you will have to pay for an assessment which may cost between £300 and £600. 

Dyscalculia Screening and Assessment

Some students experience severe difficulties with numbers and maths. If you wish to discuss this further please contact the Maths Learning Centre.

Maths Learning Support Centre.
Find out more about the Maths Learning Support Centre.

After your Educational Psychologist Assessment

After your Educational Psychology assessment you will be invited to make an appointment to talk over your assessment with the Neurodiversity Support Adviser. This is a chance to ask any questions about your assessment and discuss your support options.  You will also be given advice about applying for Disabled Students Allowance

If you are found not to have a specific learning difference we will discuss what support the University can offer, and where you might go for additional advice to address your issues.


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