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At Loughborough University London you have the benefit of a dedicated programme of learning, experiences and events called Enterprise Through the Curriculum (ETC). While you are on your course, make full use of the ETC activities, including guest speakers, networking events and visits to employers, as they are designed to help you prepare for your next step following your studies. You also have support from an on-site Careers Consultant to help you to make informed choices about your future and help you with your job search.

The Stakeholder Management and Employability Team

The team members work together to help you to develop your skills, meet with employers, prepare for job hunting and make career choices. 

Louise Donaghy is the manager of the team, generating links with organisations outside the university and developing initiatives such as the My Employability Profile which is unique to Loughborough University London.    

Adam Adesina is the Employer Engagement Associate and works with Louise to develop partnerships with external organisations for the benefit of students.  He also manages the My Employability Profile programme and organises events including guest speakers and networking opportunities.

Laura Hooke is the Careers Consultant at Loughborough University London.  You can book an appointment to discuss your career plans, including looking for work or further study, and also seek help with your job search e.g. CV checking and interviews. Book your discussion via Careers Online

Amy Ward is a Senior Support Officer but also supports the team with the organisation and delivery of the Enterprise Through the Curriculum activities including planning and advertising of events.  She also recruits and manages the Student Ambassadors at Loughborough University London.

Dan Robinson is Stakeholder Engagement and Employability Co-ordinator.  He assists the team in organising Enterprise Through the Curriculum activities including the My Employability Profile programme.  

Enterprise Through the Curriculum

Enterprise through the Curriculum is just one of the extra ways we help and support our students in addition to their academic studies. The aim is to help you stand out in terms of directing and developing your own career. It includes access to advice and guidance, skills development, events and experiences, challenge, competition and most of all it is about learning. It’s about all the things that will enhance your time with us, your CV and your future prospects.

From My Employability Profile to the Collaborative Project, from site visits to organisations to evening networking events, you have the opportunity to be part of a comprehensive set of experiences, activities and support.  For more information, go to the ‘Developing Your Career' page of the Loughborough University London website.  

My Employability Profile

The My Employability Profile is open to you at the beginning of your course to give you an insight into a recruitment process that is typical for many employers of graduates in the UK.  It is also designed for you to benefit from personalised feedback on your performance in the three stages:

  • An online questionnaire
  • A video interview
  • An assessment centre including an observed group exercise and observed group presentation

The programme enables you to assess your ability to cope with some of the tools used by many employers to select candidates for job vacancies.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to assess some of your skills and decide what you need to develop and take action.

The programme is repeated later in Semester 2 when you can opt to take part again and see how well your performance has improved and how your skills have developed. 

NOTE: if you are a student from the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance you are not required to take part in the My Employability Profile programme.  If you would like to do so, please email

Collaborative Project

Your collaborative project has been designed specifically to mirror typical activities at work.  It is a great opportunity to enhance your CV and apply many skills that are sought by employers e.g.

  • working in a diverse and multi-disciplinary team
  • resolving a real business problem
  • communicating with each other and company representatives
  • writing a report
  • pitching your proposal
  • managing a project and meeting fixed deadlines

Hearing from key players in the company that you collaborate with and visiting the organisation also enables you to gain insights that can demonstrate your commercial awareness. 

Career consultancy

Talk to the Loughborough University London Careers Consultant, Laura Hooke, if you would like help with planning what to do at the end of your course, finding and applying for jobs or considering further study.  You can book a discussion via Careers Online or ask at Loughborough University London reception to book a consultation or interview coaching:

  • Career Consultation 30 or 60 minutes to discuss your career plans or job seeking.
  • Interview Coaching 60 minutes to have a practice job interview and receive feedback on how to improve.

The Careers Consultant on campus can give advice on where and how to look for jobs in the sector that interests you and also help you with your job applications, your CV, preparing for interviews, tests used in selection and assessment centres, and how to develop your LinkedIn profile. 

Finding and applying for graduate jobs, part time work and internships

The Careers Network website has very useful information on how to find jobs and opportunities including internships, that is, short periods of professional work experience often completed during vacations. 

Check Careers Online regularly for full time jobs for graduates, internships and also part time and temporary jobs suitable to fit around studying.  Follow us on Twitter too @LboroJobNetwork.

Some jobs and internships for Loughborough University London students are advertised around the campus e.g. on notice boards and the display screens and sent to your student email address in the Enterprise Through the Curriculum news.  

International students

A section of the Careers Network website is devoted to information for international students and your needs, including example CVs and tips on marketing yourself to employers in the UK.  Make sure that you check the International Students Careers Blog for news, events and job vacancies and Careers Online for vacancies too.