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What is a placement?

All undergraduate degrees offer the option to take a placement year: graduate-level work experience with one or more organisations, over a twelve month period, as part of the degree. Every year approximately 1400 Loughborough students do a placement, usually in their penultimate year of studies. Approximately 150 students a year go abroad for their placement.

For further information and advice see our 'brand new for 2017' guide to:

The benefits of doing a placement

  • Get great experience of a role in an industry or sector you’re interested in
  • Develop key skills and competencies sought by graduate recruiters
  • Build your network of useful contacts
  • Improve your chances of securing a graduate level job
  • A significant number of students will return to complete their studies having already secured a graduate job offer from their placement employer
  • The vast majority of students earn a salary while on placement
  • Many students improve their academic performance after completing a placement, leading to a higher degree classification
  • Students who undertake a placement tend to gain jobs with higher salaries upon graduation


To find out what our students throught of their placements, please watch the videos below: 

SSEHS placement students:


School of the Arts, English and Drama placement students:

Steps to take when considering a placement

Whether you are in your 1st or 2nd year, it's never too early to start your placement journey.

Talk to your tutor or academic adviser to check what type of placement might be suitable for your course and get ideas.

Ask around and talk to students who have already done a placement to find out what's what.

Get advice from Careers Network in the Bridgeman Building or The Place in Stewart Mason 0.06

Go to on-campus employer events to find out what it's like to work for an organisation.

To find out more about finance during your placement year, please watch the video below:

How to find suitable placements

Careers Online 

Careers Online is Loughborough University's own vacancy system. On this we advertise over 700 graduate jobs, placements, internships, part time work and voluntary roles a year. These roles are often exclusive to Loughborough students and sent to us by our graduate employer partners wanting Loughborough talent.

Log in to Careers Online 

We also produce a weekly graduate jobs and placements and internships bulletins for you to access new opportunities. Please see the latest edition of the bulletin below: 

The following sites advertise placements in many popular career areas:


There are a number of employer directories and listings available to help you research potential employers to apply for. The publications mentioned below are available online and also to take away free from Careers Network.

Meet employers on campus

There are over 323 employers on campus at Loughborough University each year for you to network with. This includes 3 careers fairs throughout the year, over 97 employer presentations, skills session and drop ins. Some Schools and Departments also host subject-specific Placement Fairs that you can attend.

For in depth information and advice on effective networking please see our PDF:

To see who will be on campus and to book your place at our employer events, please go to Careers Online.


Many opportunities are now advertised on LinkedIn and 93% of the top 100 employers have stated that they use LinkedIn in their recruitment process. It is therefore important to have a strong, coherent and complete LinkedIn profile that you engage with regularly.

For further help on LinkedIn, please book onto a DYC LinkedIn Talk or workshop. You can also work on your LinkedIn profile independently using our two part LinkedIn checklist

Social media and the web

Social media and the internet are essential networking and information gathering tools for your job search. It is great for company research as well as news updates within industries.

Having your own blogging and online portfolio site can also be important, particularly in the media, art, design, graphics and IT sectors to showcase your talent and abilities to potential employers.

It is crucial, however, that your social media profiles reflect a neutral if not positive impression of you, as employers now regularly look at candidates' profiles during the recruitment process to get a better impression of an individual. We call this managing your digital footprint. For more information please see our PDF:

Your placement officer

Keep in contact with your Department's Placement Officer and update them on your progress. They may know of opportunities and provide you with industry-specific advice and even new placement opportunities.

Support whilst on placement

The University provides continuing support throughout your placement year and your School / Department placement tutor and support team will be on hand if you have any questions or need any advice. Your placement year is part of your academic programme of study so you will also receive one or two visits from an academic from your Department to discuss your progress.

During your placement you may be required to keep a learning log and in some departments you may be submitting monthly reports to your tutors.

At the end of your placement you may be expected to:

  • write an extended report of your time there
  • give a presentation to tutors and/or Part B students
  • prepare a poster depicting your experience

Details of the exact requirements can be found on your departmental web pages. In some subjects a placement year will form part of the work experience required to progress towards chartership, for example in some engineering sectors. Check with your placement tutor for details.

Ensure you make the most of the opportunity to learn and develop your skills and confidence, and be a great ambassador for Loughborough University. We are immensely proud of all our placement students.

Returning to university

When you return to University you'll be part of a big cohort of returning students all transitioning back into being at University.

We'll be keen to hear about your experiences and we might ask you to pass on the benefits of your experience to the first and second year students on your course who might be looking into placement year options.

In most cases students find that their placement experiences have helped provide context to their studies and that their remaining period of academic study becomes more meaningful. In many cases students are able to apply themselves and secure better grades than they had achieved pre-placement.

In some cases a successful placement can lead directly to a graduate job offer from a placement employer. In this case students are able to focus on their studies in the knowledge that they have a graduate job waiting for them as long as they achieve the required degree classification.

Loughborough Bursary for Unpaid Placements (LBUP) Scheme

Loughborough Bursary for Unpaid Placements (LBUP) Scheme

In a continued effort to contribute to the social mobility of our students and as part of our OFFA Access commitment, Loughborough University is pleased to offer a bursary scheme for undergraduate students where eligible students can be awarded up to £5,000 for their Part I unpaid placement.  The purpose of this bursary scheme is to support undergraduate students from low income households (less than £25,000) to enable access to unpaid placements which still persist in various highly competitive industry sectors. 

The Loughborough Bursary for Unpaid Placements (LBUP) is a financial package tailored for UK undergraduate students, who are undertaking Part I unpaid (with no fully funded accomodation) placement or placements and fall within the qualifying household income band.  Full terms and conditions of the 2017/18 scheme are available below;

Whilst Loughborough University does not support unpaid placements, within certain highly competitive sectors these opportunities are common place and are on the rise.  By providing these funds we aim to make these types of placements a realistic aspiration for students who may not otherwise consider them or would have difficulties supporting themselves.

What do you need to do next?

Applications for the bursary will open later in the academic year. Please check on this page to know when the applications are open and complete the Declaration of Interest form once it is available.

What to do if you're unsure whether you're eligible

If you're unsure about whether you're eligible for the LBUP award there are two points of contact;

  • Regarding your financial circumstances please contact or tel. 01509 222058
  • Regarding whether your placement/s will be eligible then please contact your School Placement Team.