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Placements and work experience

A placement is a fantastic opportunity for an organisation to employ highly qualified individuals with fresh ideas that bring tangible benefits to business. Every Loughborough University undergraduate student has the opportunity to complete a placement as part of their course.

The Loughborough experience offers a wealth of opportunities, both inside and outside of the curriculum, for students to develop a wide range of highly valued employability attributes and it is this willingness to engage and passion to succeed that makes our students and graduates so unique. Careers Network is excited to support employers every step of the way. Placements usually last for 45 weeks to one year, although some students will prefer to do a series of shorter placements.

What do employers think about our students and services?

“My team at the National Crime Agency routinely recruit placement students each year. They become part of the team and we depend on them as a really important role we couldn’t do without. The Loughborough University staff have made the process easy, both administratively and in terms of supporting and supervising the student whilst with us.”                                                           National Crime Agency

“Each year  we host a small number of students, including those from Loughborough, on our Academic Placement Scheme. The students have always been of an extremely high calibre and it has been fantastic to watch them grow during their time with us. We attend the Loughborough Careers Fair each year specifically to source students for our placement scheme […] The University is always very supportive during the entire process from recruitment to the end of the placement.”    Lane4 Management Group

Why take on a Loughborough placement student? They are able to:

  • Add value to your organisation by taking on challenging responsibilities and fixed term projects.
  • Add to your talent pipeline. The placement can serve as an extended interview as you get the chance to see the student in action for a year.
  • Bring good value for money. They don’t expect graduate level salaries, although they do need to receive a realistic offer.
  • Helps to raise your organisation’s profile with the University and its students, making it easier to recruit in future.

To find out more about offering a placement opportunity to our students, or to discuss other work-based learning opportunities such as work shadowing or volunteering, please contact Emma Bagley, Employer Engagement Associate.