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CV Examples

The following examples have been selected to show you a range of different approaches to CV writing. There are many styles, formats and layouts of CVs, and the examples below illustrate just a handful of these. The style you choose for your own CV will depend on the impact you want to achieve, the space you have available and your personal choice.

For example, you will notice that some CVs have ‘Curriculum Vitae' written at the top, others don't; some include a date of birth, whereas others omit this; some use a ‘skills section' but others incorporate skills throughout the body of text.

The CVs have been grouped into sections according to the different stages of university life and beyond. Use this as a starting point for viewing the examples but you may find it useful to view the CVs in the other stages to get an idea of different styles.



Jonathan Birstall-Codling - Contains a personal profile that also mentions a career objective. The content focuses mainly on modules, tasks, activities and technical skills and only briefly touches on softer skills such as time management and teamworking. Jonathan highlighted further softer skills in his covering letter.

Annette Newton - Annette has highlighted key skills in bold throughout her CV, allowing the reader to quickly and easily see that she has the relevant skills for the job.

Rhianna Cartwright - Finalist in Art and Design. Clearly and succinctly laid out, and separating relevant work experience from other work experience.

Lauren Matthews - A useful style if you have a large number short work experiences. Contains a ‘transferable skills' section to illustrate the skills gained from these experiences.

Design student

Sandra Webb

International student

Navot Singh

Mature student

Postgraduate student

Alex Marland - An MSc student who uses a personal profile to introduce his CV. The skills and experience profile helps him to highlight his key selling points. Alex had nearly 4 years' work experience between his BSc and MSc

Sepp Schiffer - PhD student with a strong technical background & a career goal stated on his CV.

Dr Janice Thomson - a PhD Student and experienced university researcher has created a CV orientated towards an industry role

Our section on researchers contains more specific advice and examples of postgraduate CVs.


Andrea Keele - A concise personal statement at the start can engage the reader immediately. Andrea has chosen to include a separate skills and experience profile which allows the reader to easily focus on the relevant skills she has for the job and the evidence that supports this.

Peter French - Describes a gap year and contains a career objective.

One Page CV

A one page CV should be used if you are specifically asked for one of only this length; it can also be used if you do not have sufficient information for a 2 page CV.

Kietan Radia - Kietan has succeeded in putting across key skills and achievements by using a succinct and structured approach.

Maydup Nayim - an example one page CV, complete with a template for you to use on the second page.


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