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Fees and funding

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Financing your PGCE training

The following information applies to UK/EU students only.

International students including anyone with a visa should contact Sarah Kirkham (S.Kirkham@lboro.ac.uk) for information and guidance about finance during training.


Please see the link to the LSP/PGCE bursary Terms and Conditions http://www.lboro.ac.uk/media/wwwlboroacuk/content/feesandfinancialsupport/lsptermsandconditions/LSP%20and%20PGCE%20TCs%2018-19.pdf

Training bursaries

From 2018/19, the following bursary payments will be available:


  • £20,000 (tax free for trainees with a 1st degree)
  • £20,000 (tax free for trainees with a 2:1 degree)
  • £20,000 (tax free for trainees with a 2:2 degree)

Secondary mathematics early-career payments

Secondary mathematics trainees will receive two additional early-career payments of £5,000 each (£7,500 if teaching in specified areas of England) in their third and fifth year of teaching, if they have taught in a state-funded school in England since completing their teacher training course. These amounts are after tax, so teachers will receive the full amount as stated.

For more information, please read the mathematics early-career payments guidance.

(for further details please go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/funding-initial-teacher-training-itt-academic-year-2018-to-19)

Physical Education

There are no bursaries for Physical Education for the 2018/19 academic year.

Maths teacher training scholarships

Graduates with a 2:1 and above, who are passionate about their subject and have the potential to be inspirational teachers can apply for a scholarship. As well as the financial award, scholars will receive a package of additional benefits.

Trainees with a 2:2 may be awarded a scholarship in exceptional circumstances, if they have significant relevant experience.

Trainees awarded a scholarship cannot receive a bursary. Trainees who are not awarded a scholarship are eligible for a bursary.

The scholarship is worth £22,000.

You would still be eligable for the additional payments of £10k after tax once in teaching. You will need to have completed a non-salaried teacher training course and received a bursary or scholarship in the academic year 2018/19. You will receive two additional early-career payments of £5k each in your third and fifth year of teaching - enhancements to these payments are available if you teach in specified areas in England. You must have taught in a state-funded school in England since completing your teacher training course. View the full terms and conditions.

To apply for a scholorship, you will need to have: EU citizenship; a degree in Maths or a Maths related subject; understanding of school-level Maths and Maths education. Trainees who hold the scholarship will not also be eligible for the standard Department for Education (DfE) bursary. Maths trainees who are not awarded the scholarship will continue in 2018/19 to be eligible for the standard £20,000 bursary for those with a 1st, 2:1 and 2:2. The Institute of Mathematics scholarship is available for both Provider-Led and School Direct places.

Full eligibility information, criteria and frequently asked questions can be found at Institute of Mathematics.  Please register your interest at Scholarships@ima.org.uk.

PGCE travel and living costs bursaries

PGCE students permanently resident in the United Kingdom (this excludes Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) who are from households with an annual income of between £18,001 and £30,000 (including training bursary and income declared to Student Finance England) are eligible for a £500 Travel Bursary from Loughborough University.

PGCE students permanently resident in the United Kingdom (this excludes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) who are from households with an annual income of £18,000 or less (including training bursary and income declared to Student Finance England) are eligible for a £3,000 Travel and Living Costs Bursary from Loughborough University.

Income declared to Student Finance England - generally described as 'household income'* can be based on various figures depending on the trainee’s situation.

If the trainee is single and treated as independent** of their parents then the only income taken into account by Student Finance England would be unearned income of the trainees themselves. Unearned income includes interest on savings (but not the capital itself), income from investments such as stocks/shares, rental income from property and also any pension payments (for example dependant's pension).

If the trainee is treated as dependent on their parent(s), the Student Finance England income takes account of parents' household income (salary or self-employed income plus any taxable income from other sources) and includes the income of any partner or spouse living as part of the household even though a new partner or spouse is not a parent of the trainee.

If the trainee is married/in a civil partnership or aged over 25 and co-habiting, their spouse/partner's income is taken as household income.

* Household income means gross taxable income - most commonly salary before tax/national insurance deductions

** Independent student means one of the following applies:

  1. Aged over 25 on 01/09/2019
  2. Parents deceased
  3. Married or civil partnership before 01/09/2019 (even if the marriage or partnership has since ended)
  4. Formally estranged from parents
  5. Trainee has supported themselves for at least 3 years before starting the PGCE

For further details please visit the universities financial support page (http://www.lboro.ac.uk/media/wwwlboroacuk/content/feesandfinancialsupport/lsptermsandconditions/LSP%20and%20PGCE%20TCs%2018-19.pdf)

Additional Alumni bursaries for Loughborough graduates on a Loughborough PGCE

Loughborough University awards a bursary of 10% of your tuition fees, set against tuition fees, to Loughborough University graduates commencing the PGCE course in the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • Physical Education

This bursary payment will be in addition to other bursaries from the Department for Education, the Institute of Mathematics or Loughborough University which are associated with your specialist teaching subject, degree classification or income.

To be eligible for the Alumni Bursary of 10% of your tuition fees, you must have studied at and obtained a Bachelors degree from Loughborough University which qualifies you for entry to the PGCE course. You do not have to apply for the Alumni Bursary; it will be set against your tuition fees automatically on registration.

Loughborough University produces high quality graduates and it is hoped that this additional financial incentive will encourage you to continue your studies at Loughborough University where we train high quality secondary school teachers.

Tuition fees

All PGCE trainees starting their studys in 2017 will be charged £9250 tuition fees by the university. However, you will be entitled to borrow a tuition fee loan to offset this cost. You will not have to pay your fees upfront; you can request that your fees are added to your student loan.

PGCE Teaching Practice Costs


The vast majority of partnership schools are normally within 40 miles (one way) from the University. Due to the distance of many of our schools from Loughborough, we are reliant on trainees travelling to schools using public transport or their own cars to transport themselves (and others) to school.

We ask that car owners co-operate by transporting peers, and that passengers co-operate by being organised and ready to be picked up at the arranged time and at the agreed venue. Drivers should not have to wait for passengers. Passengers should expect to contribute to travel cost at the rate of 15 pence per mile and this payment should be organised between trainees. We also ask that trainees make every effort to reduce the number of cars travelling to any one school as car parking space is limited in many schools.


Coaching / Teaching Qualifications in PE

As part of the PGCE course you will engage with formal coaching/teaching qualifications in addition to gaining Qualified Teaching Status. These are run by National Governing Bodies, organisations and/or individuals external to the University. There is an administration and certification cost for each of these courses which lies outside of the taught element of the PGCE programme. Consequently, there is a £150 fee charged at the start of the PGCE to cover this external element of the course.  The total cost of these courses normally exceeds £150 and trainees, over successive years, comment on the importance of these additional awards. For example, in 2017-18 the trainees were certificated for a Tennis level 1 Coaching course which retails at approximatly £230. If you have any questions with regards to this, please contact Dr Ashley Casey PGCE PE Programme Director (A.J.B.Casey@lboro.ac.uk).