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In this section you will find contact details and information regarding all members of staff affiliated with Physics.

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Prof. Sergey Saveliev is the Head of the Physics Department.  

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Dr Cyril Alekseev

Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223311

W1.38 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Alexander Balanov

Senior Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 227112

W1.35 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Niladri Banerjee

Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 222596

W2.25 (Sir David Davies Building

Dr Joseph Betouras

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0) 1509 223300

W1.46 (Sir David Davies Building)

Bharat Chavda

Teaching Laboratory Technician

+44 (0) 1509 228403

W2.24b (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Boris Chesca

Senior Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223985

W2.17 (Sir David Davies Building)

Kevin Clarke

Physics Technician

+44 (0) 1509 228224

W2.31a (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Mike Cropper

Senior Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223308

W2.18 (Sir David Davies Building)

Allison Dunbobbin

School Administration Manager (Maternity Cover)

Events and Marketing Team

Events and Marketing Team

+44 (0)1509 223027

SCH.0.10 (Schofield Building)

Dr Mark Everitt

Senior Lecturer in Quantum Control

+44 (0) 1509 223325

W230 (Sir David Davies Building)

Executive Support Team

Executive Support Team

+44 (0)1509 223018

SCH.0.10 (Schofield Building)

Finance Team

Finance Team

+44 (0)1509 22 8210

SCH.0.10 (Schofield Building)

Dr Marat Gaifullin

Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223312

W2.27 (Sir David Davis Building)

Dr Richard Giles

University Teacher in Physics

Katherine Hollingsworth

School Administration Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Dr Natalia Kovaleva

Lecturer in Physics (part time)

Dr Kliment Kugel

Lecturer in Physics (part time)

Professor Feo Kusmartsev

Professor of Condensed Matter Theory, IOP and APS Fellow

+44 (0) 1509 223316

W2.15 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Anna Kusmartseva

Lecturer in Physics of extreme conditions

+44 (0) 1509 223303

W1.48 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Olga Kusmartseva

Visiting Researcher

+44 (0) 1509 304344

WU32 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Peter Mason

Research Associate

+44 (0)1509 223310

W2.12, Sir David Davies Building

Dr Kelly Morrison

Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 228201

W2.16 (Sir David Davis Building)

Ramesh Pancholi

Electronic Support

+44 (0) 1509 224337

W2.31a (Sir David Davies Building)

Programme Admin Team

Programme Administration Team - West Park Hub

+44 (0)1509 223301

West Park Admin Hub, Sir David Davies W1.45

Dr John Samson

Senior Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223304

W2.11 (Sir David Davies Building)

Professor Sergey Saveliev

Professor of Theoretical Physics, IOP and APS Fellow

+44 (0) 1509 223302

W2.23 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Sergey Slizovskiy

University Teacher

W1.50 (Sir David Davis Building)

Dr Binoy Sobnack

Lecturer in Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223307

W2.26 (Sir David Davies Building)

Dr Phil Sutton

Technical Tutor

+44 (0) 1509 228401

W2.31 (Sir David Davies Building)

Mr Michael Walsh

University Teacher in Physics

+44 (0)1509 226939

W2.25a, Sir David Davies Building

Dr Alexandre Zagoskin

Reader in Quantum Physics

+44 (0) 1509 223306

W2.28 (Sir David Davies Building)