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Dr Marco Antonsich

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
PhD (Trieste, Italy), PhD (Boulder, USA)

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Location: Room E.0.28, FM Building (60), Central Park


Situated at the complex intersection between power, territory and identity, my research has followed, in time, three major strands. In the early stages of my career, I explored the history and theory of Western geopolitical thought, studying in particular the U.S. geopolitical production of the 1940s and, more broadly, the Italian geopolitical tradition. Following this latter interest, I also investigated the colonial project of Fascist Italy in Ethiopia, analysing the ways in which the Mussolini’s regime attempted to ‘write’ concepts of progress, order, hierarchy, and racial segregation on the Ethiopian urban-/land-scape.

A second strand of my research, which originates from my second PhD thesis (University of Colorado at Boulder), relates more directly to the notion of territorial identities. In an epoch of rescaling of state powers and modes of economic production, my major research question aimed to understand whether or not a similar rescaling was also taking place with regard to traditional forms of collective identities (local, regional, national, and European) and to scrutinize their meanings.

My third and current research strand focuses on how ‘living together in diversity’ is imagined, narrated, organized, justified, and practiced within contemporary multicultural societies. As part of this broad research endeavour, I am interested in the re-making of national identities facing the increasing ethno-cultural diversity of national societies.


I am the convenor of the Loughborough University Nationalism Network (LUNN)

Selected publications

Antonsich, M and Holland, EC (2012) Territorial attachment in the age of globalization: The case of Western Europe, European Urban and Regional Studies, on line first, pp.1-16, ISSN: 0969-7764. DOI: 10.1177/0969776412445830.

Antonsich, M. (2013) ‘OccupyBorderZone’ – Practices of borderline resistance in a space of exception. Area, 45(2), pp. 170-178.

Antonsich, M (2012) Exploring the Demands of Assimilation among White Ethnic Majorities in Western Europe, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 38(1), pp.59-76, ISSN: 1369-183X. DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2012.640015.

Antonsich, M. (2010) In search of belonging: an analytical framework. Geographical Compass, 4(6), pp. 644–659.

Antonsich, M. (2010) Exploring the nexus between regional identity and regional governance. European Urban and Regional Studies 17(3), pp. 261-276.

Antonsich, M (2009) On territory, the nation-state and the crisis of the hyphen, Progress in Human Geography, 33(6), pp.789-806, ISSN: 0309-1325. DOI: 10.1177/0309132508104996

Antonsich, M (2008) The narration of Europe in 'national' and 'post-national' terms: Gauging the gap between normative discourses and people's views, European Journal of Social Theory, 11(4), pp.505-522, ISSN: 1368-4310. DOI: 10.1177/1368431008097009.

Antonsich, M (2008) EUropean attachment and meanings of EUrope. A qualitative study in the EU-15, Political Geography, 27(6), pp.691-710, ISSN: 0962-6298. DOI: 10.1016/j.polgeo.2008.07.004.

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Year 1: Geographies of Global Economic Change; Tutorials.
Year 2: Global Migration; Geographical Research - Design and Practice; Human Geography Fieldcourse (Paris).
Final Year: Dissertation.

Postgraduate taught

Globalization: Key Debates and Issues; Dissertation.


Academic career:

2015 onwards: Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University.
2012-2015 onwards: Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University.
2011-2012: Visiting Professor, Department of International Relations and European Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
2010: Visiting Professor, Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland.
2007-2009: Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Birmingham, UK.
1999-2003: Research Associate in Political Geography, Department of Political Science, University of Trieste, Italy.

Professional responsibilities

2012 onwards: Editorial Board Member, Fennia. International Journal of Geography.
1993 onwards: Editorial Board Member, Limes. Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica.



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