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Research themes

Somalia refugees

Nations, Migrations and Citizenship

Understanding the future of our societies and how we can live together in diverse societies.

This broad research group is characterised by a common interest in studying processes, discourses and practices of social inclusion and exclusion.

Our work on racism, prejudice, imperialism, militarism and right-wing movements have further illuminated the exclusive side of nationalism, while our studies on everyday life, affection, memory, sport practices, materialities, and literary and artistic production have explored its more inclusive dimension.

National imaginaries

Dr Marco Antonsich talks about his current research which focuses on answering the following question - if the population changes due to international migration does our idea of the nation change?

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Nationalism in conjunction with and in opposition to transnational and cosmopolitan narratives;
  • Citizenship, feminism, gender and religion;
  • Racism, prejudice, imperialist, militarism and right-wing movements;
  • Everyday life, affection, memory, sport practices, materialities and literary and artistic production;
  • Local, national and transnational identities;
  • ‘Lifestyle migration’ and ‘studentification’.

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