Department staff

Dr Mark Platt

Photo of Dr Mark Platt

Mark Platt is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Chemistry, Loughborough University. His research aims to synthesis, assemble and characterise nanomaterials leading to new analytical technologies. From fundamental research into fluidic reactors and the creation of bespoke particle analytics, to transformative nanopore sensors. Current research projects include the monitoring of heavy metals within waste streams, screening blood samples for disease and developing rapid bioassays to screen for toxins.

He is also a founding member and director of the materials characterisation company Nanoquantix.

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Part B Coordinator
  • Erasmus Exchange Coordinator
  • Industrial Placements Coordinator

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • CMA103: Laboratory Skills 1
  • CMA104: Spectroscopy and Analysis;  lecturer & internal examiner
  • CMB102: Laboratory and Skills 2 (Chemistry)
  • CMB103: Laboratory and Skills 2 (MPC)
  • CMB109: Laboratory Skills 2 (Sports Science)
  • CMC026: Investigative Projects
  • CMD001: Research Project
  • CMD119: New Techniques and Technologies in Chemistry
  • CMD302: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Option
  • CMP015: Research Methods
  • CMP056: Research Training Project
  • CMP057: Separation Techniques
  • CMP063: Professional Skills and Dissertation
  • CMP064: Innovations in Analytical Science
  • CMP065: Sensors; lecturer & internal examiner