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Dr Mark Platt

Photo of Dr Mark Platt

Mark Platt is a Senior Lecturer within the Centre for Analytical Science at the Department of Chemistry, Loughborough University. His career allowed him to move through several disciplines from electrochemistry (PhD, University of Manchester), BioMEMS and Microfluidic devices (Penn State and Cambridge University)  before exploring Aptamer technologies and Point of care Devices for the detection of Virus’s (University of Manchester and University College Dublin). Prior to his post at Loughborough Mark was a Marie Curie Fellow developing nanoparticle based assays for biomarkers.

His research aims to synthesis, assemble and characterise nanomaterials leading to new analytical technologies. From fundamental research into fluidic reactors and the creation of bespoke particle analytics, to transformative nanopore sensors. Current research projects include the monitoring of heavy metals within waste streams, screening blood samples for disease and developing rapid bioassays to screen for toxins.

Mark has built a multidisciplinary career and his research group comprises of three subgroups.

1 – Particle synthesis, using fundamental research into nanoparticle synthesis by investigating the creation of multifunctional biocompatible particles within bespoke chemical reactors. These novel chemical reactors allow for controlled and measured formulation of nanomaterials with functionalised surfaces, including controlled spatial orientation, and loading of aptamers onto their surface.

 2 – Aptamer design, we can engineer the surfaces of the materials to be biocompatible and equip them with a capacity to selectively target analytes though DNA aptamers.

3- Nanopore sensors, we are using tunable resistive pulse sensing, TRPS, to characterise nanomaterials and biological particles.

  • Member of the Biomedical Research Unit – Diet, lifestyle and physical activity.
  • Faculty member of Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, MRSC
  • Member of the International Society on Aptamers
  • Member of the British Society of Nanomedicine
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, MRSC.
  • Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry

Teaching responsibilities:

  • Module Leader CMA011 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
  • Lecturer for CMA011 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
  • Lab Demonstrator for CMB015
  • Lead Investigator for a CMC026 research project
  • Lecturer for CMD032 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
  • Lecturer for CMP064 Innovations in Analytical Science
  • Module Leader for CMP065 Sensors
  • Lecturer for CMP065 Sensors
  • Lab demonstrator for CMP057
  • Module leader for CMP056 Research Training Projects

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Part B Coordinator
  • Erasmus Exchange Coordinator