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Dr George W Weaver

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Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

  • BSc St Andrews
  • PhD Edinburgh
  • Postdoctoral Research, Cambridge, Hannover and Oxford

Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles

Work in this area is aimed at synthesising fused nitrogen heterocycles from highly functionalised small building blocks such as 1,1-diiodo-2,2-dintitroethene. We have used cycloaddition reactions to form substituted indolizines and pyrrrolo-fused isoqinolines. The scope and mechanism of such reactions in under investigation.weaver 1

Synthesis of Fluorine Containing Heterocycles

This project area involves constructing fused nitrogen and sulfur heterocycles by aromatic nucleophilic substitution reactions of perfluorinated arenes. We have shown that lithiation of the bromophenyl tetrafluoropyrid-4-yl thioether leads to formation of a fused benzothiophene, whereas reaction of the corresponding oxyether proceeds by a Smiles-type rearrangement leading to the pyridyl phenol. Treatment of this compound with sodium hydride affords the fused benzofuran. The mechanisms of these types of reaction are under study and their application to the synthesis of new materials and  biologically active compounds is in progress.weaver2

Polysulphide Natural Product Compounds

A number of natural products have recently been isolated from marine organisms and shown to contain unusual chains or rings of sulfur atoms.  Some of these compounds have anti-tumour or anti-fungal activity.  Our aim is to develop new methods for the synthesis of these types of compound as well as studying their mode of action. Only small amounts of these compounds can be isolated from natural sources, so synthesis will allow production of material for further study without damaging the marine environment.

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  • Member of EPSRC college

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
  • Responsible for organising Bought-in-teaching in the department


  • CMA106 Structure and Reactivity 2
  • CMC001 Modern Aspects of Organic Chemistry
  • CMC026 Investigative Projects
  • CMD401 Drugs and Disease
  • CMD001 MChem Research Project
  • CMP056 MSc Research Training Project

Internal Examiner (Module Organiser):

  • CMB106 Structure and Reactivity 2
  • CMD213 Biological Organic Chemistry
  • CMD214 Synthesis in drug Discovery
  • CMD402 Drugs: Synthesis and Properties
  • CMP066 Innovations in Medicinal Chemistry