Postgraduate research

Student testimonials

Jade Markham (PhD)

I wouldn't be able to do my research without the guidance of my supervisors and the support from staff and my PhD colleagues.

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Shahzad Riaz (PhD)

Loughborough University has helped me to develop many useful skills and my research supervisor has been really helpful throughout my research project.

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Shuqi Yang (PhD)

For me, some of the more exciting things involve going to different conferences to give a talk or a poster presentation to show our project and our University and department.

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Roberto King (PhD)

Why did you decide to pursue a PhD?

At the end of my degree, I had developed an almost unexpected desire to continue working within the Chemistry setting. My degree marks were good enough to allow me the opportunity to study to PhD level and a studentship became available that I was fortunate enough to get. I think the main reason I decided to pursue a PhD was to both better understand a specialist subject area and allow me the opportunity to work more independently on research projects and develop a sense of working initiative that is so important these days when considering roles within the industrial workplace.

How would you describe the experience of carrying out PhD research?

Blood, sweat and tears springs to mind…but in the best possible way! I thoroughly enjoyed the independence of research and the fact I was exploring the unexplored. The sense of achievement in synthesising novel compounds or making new observations is fantastic! Writing the PhD thesis was a timely process, often fought with battles against the PC, but the end result was a qualification to be proud of and above all, well earned!

What are you currently involved in?

I am currently working as a lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry within the Department of Chemistry at Loughborough University. I am on a fixed-term contract for 9 months covering a lecturer who is on maternity leave. I have numerous Masters research projects currently underway and keep on top of my own research in the laboratory whenever possible.

What are your longer term aspirations?

Having worked through the university ranks from degree, to PhD, to PDRA and now lecturer, I have been able to experience flavours of both academic and research methods. Ultimately, I see my career developing in one of these two disciplines; whether that be a permanent role in academia as a lecturer, or within a research and development position in industry. I am keen to stay within the forensic sciences discipline.