Postgraduate research

Applications and information enquiries

Hello and welcome, I’m Dr Mark Platt a lecturer within the analytical section of the department. As a recipient of funding under the Marie Curie fellowships, I’m here to offer some advice and support in proceeding with an application.

You will need to apply through Loughborough University Research office with the support of a member of staff. You can find contact details of our staff and their research on their individual webpages.

I can help direct you to a suitable research group and if you would like more details or wish to discuss your suitability please contact me with a short paragraph describing your research interest (500 words) and a 2 page CV.

There are numerous deadlines per year find the latest information on the website,  candidates wishing to apply must contact the department and an academic staff member with sufficient time to prepare and submit the application.

Where possible we suggest this is at least 2 months before the official deadline.