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Dr David Allinson BEng(Hons) MSc(Eng) PhD PGCAP FHEA

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Senior Lecturer in Building Physics: measurement and modelling

Admissions Tutor for Low Carbon Buildings Design and Modelling (MSc)

Admissions Tutor for Low Energy Building Services Engineering (MSc)


David Allinson is a Lecturer in Building Physics: measurement and modelling at Loughborough University. He is a mechanical engineering graduate with a background in large scale experimental research and testing in the Private, Government and University sectors before embarking on his building physics PhD at The University of Nottingham in 2003. David is particularly interested in the energy, thermal and moisture performance of houses, and the challenge of refurbishing our current housing stock to meet the requirements of the future.


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Outline of main research interests:

  • Building physics and especially heat transfer and moisture transport.
  • Experimental thermal and moisture characterisation of buildings and building materials.
  • Building energy and hygrothermal modelling with sensitivity and uncertainty analysis.
  • Measurement of energy use in buildings.
  • GIS mapping, databases and secondary data sources for modelling energy use in houses.
  • Refurbishing the UKs housing stock to meet the needs of the future.

Grants and contracts:

Methods and Metrics for Moisture Risk Assessment- Solid Wall Insulation (MRA-SWI), EPSRC

  • Principal Investigator: modelling and measuring the hygrothermal risk of solid wall insulation.

DEFACTO - Digital Energy Feedback and Control Optimisation, EPSRC

  • Co-investigator: large scale field trial to understand the energy saving potential of domestic heating controls that enable different temperature and time settings in every room of the house.

SCENe- Sustainable Community Energy Networks, Innovate UK

  • Co-investigator: modelling community scale heat and power networks.

Test facility for hygrothermal performance of building materials, DECC

  • Principal Investigator: a laboratory facility for the accurate measurement of heat and moisture transfer (hygrothermal performance) through, and within full-scale, multi-component wall assemblies under realistic, carefully controlled, dynamic boundary conditions.

Characterisation of matched pair test houses, Mitsubishi Electric

  • Consultant: airtightness, infrared thermography and heat loss assessment.

Data sources and tools, Kingfisher Future Homes

  • Consultant: identification and use of secondary data to inform the targetting of energy efficiency products and services for houses.

Verification and validation of the ETI-TE model using the 4M housing database, ETI

  • Consultant: model/measurement comparisons along with differential sensitivity and Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis techniques.

NHBC Foundation co-heating project, BRE

  • Co-investigator: co-heating testing of a test house at the BRE Garston site by a number of organisations to investigate the sensitivity of variations in test methodology.

DS4DS- Disaggregated Scenarios for Demand Studies, UK Energy Research Centre

  • Researcher co-investigator: mapping spatially disaggregated energy demand scenarios across the UK from the present day to 2050.

4M: An evidence based methodology for understanding and shrinking the urban carbon footprint, EPSRC

  • Researcher: Measuring, Modelling, Mapping and Managing domestic energy use in the city of Leicester.

Investigating the use and optimisation of rammed earth materials for building integrated passive air conditioning, EPSRC

  • Post-doctoral researcher: quantifying the hygrothermal behaviour of porous building materials.

Evaluation of aerial thermography to discriminate loft insulation in residential housing, EPSRC with Nottingham Energy Partnership

Current teaching responsibilities


  • CVA007- Integrated Sustainable Building Design: responsible examiner.
  • CVP315- Energy Systems and Models: responsible examiner.
  • CVA058- Building Science: lectures on moisture in buildings and heat transfer.
  • CVP301- Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow: laboratory practical; lectures on heat transfer.
  • CVP303- Building Energy Consumption: workshop "SAP 2012".
  • CVP316- Energy measurement and Interpretation: lecture "Secondary data and energy demand"; measurement and coursework tutorials.
  • CVP311- Advanced airflow modelling: workshop "Airtightness testing".
  • CVP351- Research Development and Dissemination: lecture "Designing and managing an energy performance field study"; MATLAB training.
  • CVP319- Research Methods: lectures "Designing and managing an energy performance field study" and "Secondary data and energy demand"; MATLAB training.


Completed PhD Students


Current PhD Students

  • Karl Sample  Refurbishing the UK housing stock.
  • Vicki Tink The effect of internal wall insulation in solid wall properties upon energy demand, comfort and overheating.
  • Ali Badiei  Empirical data based model validation using XML based protocol (HPXML) for creation of standardised home performance field data repository.
  • Safwan Samsuddin Developing control strategies for domestic heat pumps.
  • Ben Roberts An investigation into the effect of occupant ventilation behaviour on overheating in summer.
  • Roel Tersteeg Risks and uncertainties associated with wind driven rain on solid-wall dwellings.
  • Kostas Chasapis Modelling of integrated community energy systems.

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • Admissions Tutor for Low Carbon Buildings Design and Modelling (MSc) and Low Energy Building Services Engineering (MSc).
  • Royal Academy Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design.

PhD examiner

  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Bath
  • University College London


Expert reviewer

  • DECC's UK Housing Energy Fact File
  • Building and Environment Journal
  • Sustainability Open Access Journal
  • Construction and Building Materials Journal
  • Buildings Open Access Journal
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing Journal
  • Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering
  • Energy and Buildings Journal
  • Materials Open Access Journal
  • Indoor and Built Environment Journal
  • ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
  • Journal of Building Engineering
  • International Journal of Thermal Sciences
  • Smart and Sustainable Built Environment Journal
  • Building Research & Information Journal
  • Applied Energy Journal
  • Building Services Engineering Research and Technology Journal
  • Journal of Building Performance Simulation
  • Geosciences Open Access Journal