Committee Handbook - Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. General Issues (inc. role of Secretary and Chair)
    • Committee Structure and Nomenclature
    • Responsibility for Committee Servicing and Committee Information
    • Schedule of Meetings)
    • Role of Committee Secretary (also known as Committee Servicing)
    • Role of Committee Chair
    • Characteristics of a Good Chair
  3. Composition, Membership, Terms of Reference and Quora of Committees
    • Definitions
    • Composition and Membership
    • Terms of Reference
    • Quorum
    • Attendance, Decision-making and Voting Rights
    • Chair’s Action
  4. Guidance on the Election, Nomination, Appointment and Co-option of Members to Committees and on Senior Appointments
    • Definitions
    • Council and its Committees, Senate and its Committees, and Human Resources Committee
    • Committees to consider Individual Cases
    • DVC, PVC, Dean and Associate Dean Appointment procedures
    • Students’ Union Representatives
    • Nominations from Small Constituencies and Membership of Sub-Committees
    • Occasional Mid-year Vacancies in Membership
    • Participation in Committee Activities
  5. Agenda Planning and Timescales
    • Overall Timetable of Work
    • Purpose
    • Determining and Sequencing Items
    • Confidential Items
    • Agreeing the Agenda
    • Format and Structure of Agenda
  6. Preparation of Papers
    • Content
    • Format and Numbering
    • Submission and Circulation of Papers
    • Late/Tabled items and Papers
  7. Minutes
    • Presentation and Format
    • Content
    • Approval
  8. Action after the meeting – including reporting to other committees
    • Tabled papers
    • Reporting to Other Committees
    • Following up Actions
  9. Creation, Amendment and Repeal of Ordinances and Regulations
    • Loughborough University Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations
    • Protocol for the Creation, Amendment and Repeal of Ordinances and Regulations
  10. Archiving of Committee Papers