Ethics Approvals
(Human Participants) Sub-Committee

Additional Information and Resources


Secretary to Ethics Approvals (Human Participants) SubCommittee: Zoe Stockdale , Research Office, Room 2.01 Rutland Building

All research conducted outside of the UK may need additional insurance cover/clearance. Please contact Hiten Patel ( who will advise you how to proceed. Please do this even if you do not need to submit a full application to the HPSC.


1. Background / History of the Committee.


2. Dates of Meetings, and Deadlines for the Submission of Proposals.


3. Guidance on Making a Submission to the EAC.


4. Codes of Practice.



Code of Practice on Investigations Involving Human Participants


Health and Safety Policy on Blood Borne Viruses


Health and Safety Policy on Pathogens (excluding Blood Borne Viruses)


Research Misconduct and Whistle-Blowing Policy and Procedure



5. Guidance for Investigators.



The Ethical Advisory Committee produces a series of Guidance Notes for Investigators, which are intended to help investigators to plan for various aspects of their research. The Guidance Notes are not intended to include an exhaustive list of factors that should be taken into account, but it is hoped they will encourage investigators to adopt best practice, and familiarise themselves with the appropriate legislation / regulatory frameworks.




Making payments to Participants


Compliance with Data Protection Requirements


Conducting Interviews Off-Campus and Working Alone


Data Collection and Storage


Electronic Research Methods Guidance Paper


Exposure to Hazardous Substances


Exposure to Ionising Radiation


Pharmaceutical Drugs


Working with Children and Young People


Rigour, respect and responsibility: Good practice guidelines for scientists




6. Archive of Approved Generic Poposals



7. Application Forms and Templates for download. ALL RECENTLY UPDATED


Ethical Clearance Checklist (to be completed for ALL investigations involving human participants)


Research Proposal Application Form


Generic Protocol Application Form


Informed Consent Template


Participant Information Sheet Template


Health Screen Questionnaire Template


Guidance for Completion of Ethical Clearance Checklist


Informed Consent (Repeat Visits) Consent Form


Child Assent Form

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