Living in town

As a student of Loughborough University, your conduct and behaviour – both on and off campus – sets the reputation of the University and the entire student body.

Maintaining a positive relationship with the local community is a priority to the University and it is expected that you will act accordingly to present the University and student body as well behaved, polite and mindful of the Loughborough community; further information on regulations and behaviour is available here.

The Community Wardens are available to help and support students living off campus, and you should not hesitate to use any of the other Student Services that are there to help sustain student life.

Useful information about living in town (including information Council services, Waste and Recycling and student communities) is available on the Community Information website.

Local services

Below are some of the key local services you need to be aware of when living off campus:

Charnwood Borough Council

The local council for the Loughborough area is Charnwood Borough Council. They are the point of contact for a wide variety of local issues relevant to students living in town, including:

  • Waste and recycling
  • Council tax
  • Community advice
  • Transport and travel
  • Local facilities

The My Charnwood feature can be used to find information specific to your house, including waste collection dates, council tax information and more.

 Further information can be found on the Charnwood Borough Council website.

Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police is the police force which covers Loughborough. Loughborough Police Station is located in the town centre and has an enquiry office you can use to access police services in person. You can also contact the police via telephone:

  • Emergency contact: Dial 999
  • Non-emergency contact: (for general enquiries and reporting non-emergency crimes): 101

The University beat officers make regular appearances on campus and at beat surgeries, giving out crime prevention advice and listening to community issues. They also maintain a Facebook group which is an excellent way to keep up to date with issues on campus.

For more information about services and advice on securing your property and staying safe, you can also find out more at the Leicestershire Police website.