Our vision

We will be an internationally engaged research‐intensive university that delivers meaningful impact and keeps students at our heart. Together we will use our distinctive strengths to support, inspire and empower people to achieve extraordinary things.

Our purpose

To advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding

through our research, education and scholarship

To inspire, empower and enrich

the lives of our staff and students

To create regional, national and global impact

by working in partnership with organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors

Our values

Our strategy is underpinned by our five core values


We will be honest, trustworthy and open, we will respect one another and build confidence across our community


We will be progressive, ambitious and strive to achieve our best


We will be accountable for our actions, we will care for ourselves, others and our environment


We will work imaginatively and innovatively, we will find solutions and be smart in the way that we apply our resources and capitalise on our strengths


We will foster team spirit and create a strong sense of community; we will work together with colleagues, students, alumni and partners


The way we operate will be characterised by working together:​

  • Through aligning our core plans​
  • Through close and effective collaboration between colleagues from all of our job families ​
  • Through creating an inclusive, fair and respectful culture in which all staff and students feel valued, are able to voice their differing perspectives and realise their full potential​
  • Through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research​
  • Through working with our students as partners​
  • Through developing international partnerships ​
  • Through taking advantage of opportunities afforded by external support for the benefit of local and regional development