Research and Innovation

We will bring together creative and communication skills alongside analytical and technological approaches to find novel solutions to societal issues such as wealth inequality, the spread of disinformation and international security

Education and Student Experience

We will ensure that our life-shaping student experience develops individuals who have a positive influence across diverse communities, improving society and enriching cultures

Diverse, equitable and inclusive

We will spotlight and address concerns and inequalities faced by a diverse range of people, with impact spanning local and international communities

Internationally engaged

We will be a trusted source of knowledge and expertise on global societal and cultural issues, informing policy makers, the public and the world’s media

Sporting excellence and opportunity

We will harness our pre-eminence in sport to engage people, across all aspects of diversity, in the benefits of physical activity

Meaningful Partnerships

We will seek and engage strategic partnerships to amplify our impact on societal and cultural issues

We will create an environment where interdisciplinary research and innovation teams can flourish and ensure that Loughborough University is anti-discriminatory, diverse and inclusive – creating a culture where everyone feels they belong