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Requesting materials

Requesting books to be purchased

The Library holds a vast array of print and ebooks in our collection for you to use and access but there will be times when we do not hold a text that you require for your research or teaching. In cases like these you can request the material and we will investigate getting it for the Library. Depending on why the book is needed requests can be made via:

  • the Book Suggestion Form
  • adding the text to a reading list
  • submitting an inter-library loan request

Please note submission of a request does not guarantee the Library will get the resource. This could be due to a number of factors, for example budgetary constraints or non-availability of the requested item for purchase or borrowing. The Library will keep you informed if we are unable to obtain the item you need.


Book Suggestion Form 

For resources to be used for personal study or research or to support our aim of diversifying our collection, please fill in the book suggestion form providing as much bibliographic information as possible. This form can also be used to request additional copies of books we already hold.


Academics requesting books for reading lists

For resources that are being used on a module reading list please add the details to the relevant module reading list on the Loughborough Online Reading List System (LORLS). The Library is alerted every time edits are made to a module reading list and will then endeavour to provision access to these resources taking into account cohort sizes and whether the text is a key reading. For resources made available digitally, our preferred format, we will ensure links are in place so students can access the texts directly from the reading list.

There is information on our webpages on how to edit reading lists and guidance on best practice for reading lists


Inter-Library Loan and document supply

If you need an information resource short-term—normally for individual research purposes—our Inter-Library Loan and document supply service will endeavour to get it for you from another library. This could mean a loan of a book or a copy of a particular book chapter or journal article. We also supply standards, theses, technical reports, conference papers and other sorts of document where they are available. More information about the Inter-Library Loan and document supply service is here. Our online request form is here.



Please contact the Acquisitions Team if you have any questions about requesting books or require help with your reading lists.