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Using the library


The Pilkington Library is accessible by anyone who uses a wheelchair or has other problems with mobility. A lift is available in the Library building so that all four Levels can be accessed by everyone.

Accessible toilet facilities are available on Levels 2, 3 and 4.

There are two allocated car parking spaces in the Library car park for users who are registered as disabled and have the relevant disabled sticker displayed in their vehicle.

If you would like an induction meeting and/or a tour of the Library to see the services and facilities available please contact us at

Adjustable height tables

The Library is equipped with a number of adjustable height tables. If you want to use one of these tables please ask a member of staff on the Help Desk on level 3.

Induction loops

Induction loop systems are fitted in Seminar Rooms 1 and 2, and on an area of the Help Desk on level 3.

Accessing resources and special loan arrangements

If you need assistance accessing materials on the shelves, using photocopiers or other equipment, library staff will be pleased to help you. If you require some information that might take some time please let us know in advance and we can book an appointment for you. Special loan arrangements such as extended loans, book collections, or other adjustments to support your studies can be arranged via the Counselling and Disability Service.


If you require different coloured paper for printing please ask a member of staff at the Help Desk on level 3.

Deaf Alerter

The Pilkington Library is equipped with a Deaf Alerter system which is a warning system for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The Alerter pager operates anywhere within the Library building. The system is permanently connected to the Library's fire alarm control panel so that, when it is activated, a signal is automatically sent to each Alerter in the building. These small Alerter units can be placed in a pocket or attached to a belt. If there is an emergency in the building the Alerter will vibrate and display a message warning the user to leave the building.

The Deaf Alerter system within the Pilkington Library is fitted with the All Call feature. All Call means that the alarm transmission is capable of being received, not only by our own alerters, but also by those who have their own personal Alerter. If you wish to borrow an Alerter unit while visiting the Pilkington Library please ask at the Help Desk on level 3. You will need your University ID card to be able to borrow one of the alerters.

Evacuation for Disabled Persons in the event of a fire or emergency

If there are any disabled users on Level 3 when the fire alarm sounds (and there isn’t a fire in the entrance/exit area) they can leave the building via the main entrance/exit doors on Level 3. If there are any disabled users on Level 1 they can leave the building via emergency doors 1 and 2 – these have level access and a ramp outside.

Staff, students and visitors who are unable to use the staircase for whatever reason, and are not able to use the exits on Levels 3 or 1, should move towards the temporary refuge areas located in the protected lift lobbies on Levels 1 – 4. Initially the person with the disability should wait until the majority of people have evacuated the area. When the majority of the occupants have evacuated and the lift lobby seems to be free of people, it is then recommended that the person moves into the lobby refuge and activates the Refuge Alerter intercom and awaits further instruction from either a Fire Marshal or Security Officer.

Fire Marshalls/Security

Fire Marshals will direct or assist anyone who is unable to use a staircase (and not able to use the exits on Level 3 and/or Level 1) to the temporary refuge points located in the protected lift lobbies on Levels 1 – 4.

Where possible and only if safe to do so a Fire Marshal or Security officer will be designated to wait with the person in the refuge. This is to provide reassurance and support. In any event, the disabled person must be continually in contact with the LU Security Control Room via the intercom and kept informed of the situation and action being taken to affect their safe evacuation.

Vertical Evacuation

Depending upon the conditions in the building (where smoke or fire are suspected), vertical evacuation options available in the Pilkington Library are as follows:-

Evacuation Lift

Following the activation of the fire alarm and fire/smoke is confirmed, trained staff* will switch the lift in to evacuation mode and respond to any person reported and awaiting in refuge areas.

*Please note:

The Morris Vermaport Evacuation lift must only be operated by trained staff. The staff who are trained to use it are Loughborough University Security staff or Fire and Rescue Services personnel.


The portable C-Max evacuation chair, which is kept and managed by Loughborough University Security, can be requested to assist with the evacuation of disabled people waiting in the refuge areas.

The Security Control Room will be contacted to request that the C-Max evacuation chair be brought to the relevant refuge area if the lift is not available.

The C-Max evacuation chair will only be operated by Loughborough University Security officers or Fire and Rescue personnel to assist the disabled person down staircase C towards the exit on Level 1.