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Summer Showcase 2019

On 12th June 2019 we hosted another vibrant Summer Showcase event; an annual opportunity for Loughborough University and Loughborough University London Doctoral Researchers to share their research and network with others from a wide range of Schools/Departments and Professional Services.

At the start of this popular event, Professor Elizabeth Peel, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Doctoral College), took to the stage and reflected on some of the many successes of the last year including:

  • 202 PhDs and EngDs completed in the 18/19 academic year so far!
  • 91 different countries represented by the Doctoral population
  • 568 responses (55%) to PRES 2019 – a LU record!
  • 188 researcher development workshops delivered at LU
  • 33 research development workshops delivered at LUL
  • Over 150 attended our Annual Research Conference
  • Organised 3rd EDI event: ‘BAME Research at Loughborough’
  • Created an Orientation for Researchers New to the UK
  • Approved an Institutional Doctoral Wellbeing Action Plan

Then it was time for the Poster Competition. In total, approximately 60 posters were displayed, and 25 members of academic and professional service staff from across the institution came to judge! Although there were a lot of excellent posters, there could only be four winners as shown below:

1)    Best Poster (£100) – Dan Wright “Zonal controls: A home heating revolution?”– School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

2)    Runner-Up (£75) – Nicolette Formosa “A.I Taking Over The Wheel” – School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

3)    Highly Commended (£50) – Ciara Sugrue “Are Plants Fortune Tellers?” – School of Science Sciences (Geography)

‌4)    Delegates Choice (£25) – Helena Grantham “Go with the Flow Chemistry” – Sciences (Chemistry)

New to the Summer Showcase this year was the Showcase Exhibition; an exciting opportunity for Doctoral Researchers to showcase the practical and creative implications/products of their academic endeavours. Five Doctoral Researchers took part in the Showcase Exhibition (as shown below) with Victor Jeganathan winning the delegate's choice award (£50).

  • Terrie Howey "Sense of storytelling" School of Arts, English and Drama

  • Victor Jeganathan "The running line: A running tool for the visually impaired" Design School

  • Chris McLeod "How filling is your food? School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

  • Serena Smith "A new way to tackle printing" School of Arts, English and Drama

  • Cecilia Landa-Avila "PhD postcards: Showcasing the design research at Loughborough" Design School

Following the Poster Competition and Showcase Exhibition was the eagerly awaited Three Minute Thesis Competition. This tense competition required entrants to explain their doctoral research in just three minutes with just one static slide! All ten competitors (as listed below) did exceptionally well and managed to keep within the tight time limit:

  • Loris Juett “Hydration, exercise and kidney function” School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Zahra Rezaie Yazdi “An alternative to antibiotics” School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Naomi Howard “Designed self-assembly of nanoparticles” School of Science
  • Ciara Sugrue “Can plants predict the future?” School of Social Sciences
  • Johnny Valadas-Cartucho “Pokémon go and critical systems: The future of industrial tools” School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Jennifer Glover “Turning jet engine noise down to 2020” School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Rami El Geneidy “Building energy flexibility” School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Kaixiao Jiang “International of league championship” School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Anna West “Creating a toolbox for footwear design” Design School
  • Juliet Ojiako “The 4th state of matter” School of Science

Our overall winner was Jennifer Glover who won an iPad mini as well as an entry into the national competition!

Anna West (Design School) was the Runner-Up (£75) and Johnny Valadas-Cartucho received the People’s Choice award (£50).