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Summer Showcase 2018

On 6th June the Doctoral College hosted another vibrant Summer Showcase event; an annual opportunity for Loughborough University and Loughborough University London Doctoral Researchers to share their research and network with others from a wide range of Schools/Departments and Professional Services.

At the start of this popular event, Professor Elizabeth Peel, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Doctoral College), took to the stage and reflected on some of the many successes of the last year, such as:

Then it was time for the poster competition. In total, over 70 posters were displayed and over 30 members of academic and professional service staff came to judge! There’s was certainly a real buzz of activity in the exhibition area!

Although there were a lot of excellent posters, there could only be four winners as shown below:

  • Best Poster (£100) - Hugh Tawell “Wake up to Sleeping Sickness!” – Sciences (Chemistry)

  • Runner-Up (£75) - Nicholas Johnson “It’s Got To Be...Eye-Catching: Design for Attention & Preference” – Design School

  • Highly Commended (£50) - Stavroula Deligianni “How should Autonomous Vehicles brake?” - Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

  • Delegates Choice (£25) - Elizabeth Ashton “Road to the Future - Hydrogen Storage Materials for Mobile Applications” – Sciences (Chemistry)

Following the poster competition, was the eagerly awaited Three Minute Thesis Competition  (3MT®). This tense competition required entrants to explain their doctoral research in just three minutes with just one static slide! All ten competitors (as listed below) did exceptionally well and managed to keep within the tight time limit:

  • Anthony Quinn “Anticipating vehicle crime hotspots and offender decision-making” - Social, Political and Geographical Sciences
  • Nicolette Formosa “You Might Be the Most Dangerous Thing on the Road!” - Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Terrie Howey “Once upon a Milton Keynes...” - Arts, English and Drama
  • Sven Hoekstra “Why exercise might not be the only way to stay healthy” - Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Diana Mehta “Cleaning up our act on energy” -  Science
  • Goriola Olusina Daniel “Do bribes work in Africa?” - Loughborough University London
  • Simon Howroyd “Flying a hybrid” - Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Tony Dawson “Preventing Death by PowerPoint: Cognitive Workload in Multimedia Learning” - Business and Economics
  • Kristina Gavran “The Art of Telling True-Life Stories” - Arts, English and Drama
  • Alexander Kunze “Do You Trust Me? Facilitating Human-Automation Interaction” - Design School

Our overall winner was Diana Mehta who won an iPad mini as well as an entry into the national competition!

Nicolette Formosa was the Runner-Up, as well as receiving the People’s Choice award.

After the 3MT® Showcase entendees watched energetic and highly engaging presentations delivered by Doctoral Researchers Leah Henrickson and Carl Robinson (shown respectively below) about how they have enhanced their Loughborough Community through extra-curricular activities (such as joining a Loughborough Student's Union Society) and volunteering.


There was also an important and informative presentation delivered Dr Jenna Townend about the Doctoral Researcher Rep System.

If you missed the Summer Showcase this year/want to re-live the event - stayed tuned for the video recording in due course.