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We are excited to tell you that this year’s Summer Showcase for Doctoral Researchers at both campuses is taking place w/c 21st June! This year it will be running in-person AND online for the very first time, which will make this the perfect opportunity for you to try something a bit different and really show off your research to a public audience!

There are two fun parts of the Summer Showcase – the Research Showcase and the Three Minute Thesis Competition - more info below...

Research Showcase!

Maybe you could try a different approach from the standard research poster? We would particularly like to see how creative you can be – pretty much anything goes, so long as it can be displayed and viewed online! Some ideas for you are:

  • Baking your thesis and sharing photographs of your masterpiece (see #BakeYourThesis on Twitter and last year’s Summer Showcase Learn page for inspiration!)
  • Writing a poem, song or rap (see this YouTube video for inspiration!)
  • Using Lego, plasticine (whatever you can get hold of!) to build/sculpt a scene (see this YouTube video and @LegoGradStudent @LegoAcademics on Twitter for inspiration!)
  • Writing a magazine/newspaper article

Of course, if you would rather display a research poster that is fine too – getting involved is the most important thing!

If you would like to enter, please complete this online form by 5pm 16th June 2021. After that date, we get in touch with you to coordinate how and when your contribution will be displayed. For example, we may ask you to share a pdf, jpeg, video link with us prior to the Summer Showcase so we can schedule when your work will be shown from our dedicated web pages.

Please note that whatever you create should be designed with a non-specialist audience in mind; avoid using technical jargon to allow those from different disciplines to understand and engage with your work.

Also, this year, rather than judging contributions, anyone who takes part in the Online Research Showcase will be entered into a random prize draw to win Amazon vouchers.

Three Minute Thesis Competition!

This tense and energetic competition will feature several Doctoral Researchers concisely explaining their research in just three minutes using just one static slide! Do they have what it takes? Can they communicate their ideas/discoveries and research significance to a non-specialist audience clearly and succinctly? Can they stay within the three-minute time frame or will they run over and be disqualified? What will the judges think? Who will be entered into the national semi-final? For more information on how to enter, visit our 3MT webpage. Closing date to enter is 3pm Friday 18th June 2021.