Loughborough Doctoral College


Graduate House

Graduate House provides social space and workspace for postgraduate taught and research students, as well as for mature undergraduate students studying at the University.

Located in the heart of Campus, Graduate House is the hub of Loughborough Doctoral College activities.

The collective vision for the building was to create a space that is functional and practical, as well as attractive and conducive to learning and socialising.

The building comprises the Loughborough Doctoral College's offices and training room, and the ‘Graduate Hub’. Located in the first floor of the building, the Graduate Hub includes individual and group workspace, kitchen facilities and a coffee lounge area for the exclusive use of postgraduate students. The name ‘Graduate Hub’ was decided by an on-line vote by post-graduate students and was seen as reflecting the role that the space will play in bringing together the University’s postgraduate community.

Opening Hours:

Graduate House is open 8am - 10pm, seven days a week. The main door is unlocked 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday; you will need your University ID card to access the building outside of these hours, and also to acess the Graduate Hub at any time of the day.

Current Covid guidelines for Graduate House:

  1. Face coverings should be worn whilst moving around the building (unless you are exempt)
  2. There is a maximum capacity of 15 people in the Graduate Hub, and 20 in the training room (including any presenters).
  3. If the training room is not in use for training sessions or scheduled meetings then you may use the space for studying. 
  4. Please do not move the chairs or furniture, it has all been placed in position to conform to social distancing guidelines.
  5. Please do not use the Graduate Hub for social gatherings, for now it is a study space only.
  6. Please use the spray and paper towel provided in the room to wipe down tables after you leave and if using a computer, please ensure you wipe down the keyboard and mouse.
  7. If you see anyone not following social distancing guidelines, and this concerns you, please speak to them about it – there may be a good reason.  If this makes you uncomfortable, please let a member of staff know
  8. One person at a time on the stairs, please check no one else is using them before going up or down.
  9. Two people maximum in the kitchen at any one time, please follow the guidance on the posters. If already occupied, please wait in the designated area outside the kitchen.
  10. Please bring in your own mug / spoon  / utensils – all communal mugs and spoons have been removed
  11. Tea / coffee / milk will still be provided and can be replenished by staff in the office during office hours, please let them know if . 



  • offices of Doctoral College staff
  • the large training room - which when isn’t being used for workshops, can be booked out by PG students for seminars, group work sessions, or individual study


  • the Graduate Hub... see next tab


  • seating area for socialising or working (English weather permitting!)

Swipe-card protected and open outside of office hours, this is a space to be used by all postgraduates. 

What's here? Well, there's...

  • free tea and coffee
  • a kitchen with a microwave and fridge
  • an area to work in with 4 PCs available
  • wi-fi access via Eduroam
  • a printer, connected to the University's Printing Network
  • tables and seating for group work/socialising