Additive Manufacturing Research Group

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Research Lab

Research within the AMR Group has a long tradition. Recently, the main research lab has been joined by a second research lab to cater the demand for new machines and working space (due to an ever growing group) to provide excellent research with the newest technologies.

The main research lab serves as a work place (housing Additive Manufacturing machine and a meeting room) as well as a welcoming area for visitors in which they can learn about the latest trends and projects covered by the AMRG. It is here where the mystery of England's long lost king, Richard the 3rd can be explored. His skull and skeleton which are on constant display and give an interesting inside on how the King died - simply ask our technician to show you around.


The Main Research Lab

A Welcoming Space for Visitors

Richard the 3rd

Discover his Death

Complementing the main research lab is a second research lab. This 60 m2 is a little bit less glamourous and more dirty but nonetheless as important. Here, the newest machines can be found. This area is mainly frequented by Research Associates, PhD’s, Master and undergraduate students working on their experimental aspects of their projects – a brilliant space to exchange ideas. As this area is usually used for experimental work it can get loud and dirty so that this area is usually closed for the public. However, visits can be arranged.