31 Oct 2016

Chief Scientist speaks to students about NASA’s mission to Mars

The guest lecture, which was delivered to students and staff in Loughborough University London’s Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance, was also streamed live to almost 8,500 viewers online.

Dr Stofan spoke at length about NASA's ambitions to send humans to Mars by 2030, as well as the progress and challenges of Science Diplomacy and women in STEM. Following the presentation, the inspirational scientist took a number of questions from students in the lecture and online, and was impressed by the active participation from the group.

Professor Nabil Ayad, Director of The Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London said:

"Dr Stofan’s work provides a sterling example of education and industry collaboration as well as the integration of theory and practice.

“We always realise that those who study with us will confront real world situations and it is essential for them to be fully aware of all aspects of the practical world in which they will live and work. Interacting with practising professionals as part of our programme brings that world to them.”   

The event follows on from the Academy’s May 2016 Symposium on Science Diplomacy and International Policy, and furthers collaboration with the global diplomatic and science community.