17 Jun 2016

Outstanding student volunteers praised by Loughborough University

The University presented the ‘Chief Operating Officer’s Awards’ for the first time to students to reward them for their admirable voluntary work.

Three different types of award were presented at the event which took place at John Storer House last week. Receiving the ‘Outstanding Community Contribution’ award was Steph Wilkinson for her ongoing work with John Storer House.

Steph, from the Department of Social Sciences, volunteered independently at John Storer House for three years. Steph helped at the Therapeutic Allotment Services weekly. She worked alongside the gardeners and supported them in a wide range of activities including arts and crafts sessions and gardening projects.

Charlotte Bray, also from the Department of Social Sciences, received the ‘Best Student Volunteer’ award through Action. Charlotte has completed 182 hours of volunteering over the past two years and worked on various projects including Kids Cooking and Right to Read. She has also worked as a project leader for the University nursery.

The final award was for ‘Best Community Impact’ and was awarded to the SCOUGI society for their ongoing work with Scout and Guide groups within the local community.

SCOUGI have supported groups with camping trips and have also become leaders at weekly scout and guide sessions.

The University’s Chief Operating Officer, Richard Taylor, presented the awards. Commenting on this year’s ceremony he said: “Each year students go above and beyond to help support local community groups. It was an absolute honour to recognise our students’ hard work and be able to thank and reward them.”