4 Feb 2016

LU Arts to host seminar on the impact of the digital economy on communities

The seminar, which is being organised as part of the Market Town project, will consider the huge changes that have taken place digitally. It will consider how individuals can use technology to engage with the surrounding world.

A panel of leading experts in the field will discuss and share their research. Dr Alison Heppenstall, Associate Professor in Geocomputation at the University of Leeds, will give a presentation on how Artificially Intelligent methods can be used to improve our understanding of how cities work.

Lead digital artist Ben Eaton of Invisible Flock, a company of three interactive artists based in Leeds is also attending. Invisible Flock invite people to reimagine the world they live in by using technology.

Also part of the discussion is Guy Douglas who currently runs Connected Places UK, an independent consultancy which focuses on the digital high street agenda.  

Experts and guests will have the opportunity to discuss the transformational impact of digital technologies on community life, cultural experiences, future society and the economy.

The seminar will run on Thursday 11 February, 6:30 – 8:30pm at The Swan in the Rushes. It is free to attend. To register for tickets, please click here.  

This is one of a number of workshops that are being organised as part of the current Market Town programme. They are intended to further engage the local community in the debate about the future of Loughborough.