Loughborough hosts world-leading academics for major EU-funded research and innovation partnership project

Dr Alok Choudhary

Senior academics from the EU and India will be on campus for two days next week as part of a major new research project, REINVEST.

Project investigator Dr Alok Choudhary, School of Business and Economics, will host the group, comprising academics from the EU and senior staff from three Indian Institutes of Technology.

The group will tour the Loughborough campus and meet with the Vice-Chancellor and academics interested in the research area.

REINVEST is a four-year, €400,000, EU-funded project which aims to bring together seven leading research centres and universities in order to develop and enhance strategic co-operation and research collaboration within the field of freight transportation.

The main focus of the group is on sustainability and efficiencies, with the objective of making freight transportation more environmentally friendly, as well as financially and socially sustainable in the longer-term.

Dr Choudhary, Senior Lecturer in Operations Management and international climate leader, said: “This is a very exciting and timely initiative. With this project, we aim to develop toolkits, techniques and strategies for efficient logistics, energy management (including fuel saving), waste management and pollution control for three major freight modes of ship, rail and truck to make it environmentally friendly and financially and socially sustainable.

“We are also keen to work with India’s best universities to strengthen Loughborough’s links internationally and to foster research and innovation. Furthermore, we have been invited by Cambridge University to participate in a two-day UK-India collaboration and industry day meeting later this month.”

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