Vice Chancellor launches campus wide safety campaign

With the academic year now well underway, the University is kick-starting a safety awareness campaign to make sure that everyone on campus stays safe.

The University is home to thousands of students and staff who are all proud to be part of the Loughborough community. Being part of this community means that we all have a responsibility to ourselves and others to ensure that we’re acting safely on campus.

Last year, there were three major incidents involving cyclists, with 35 reported near misses. Security also stopped and ticketed over 50 students for not having lights while on campus.

To help reduce this number and ensure that you stay safe, here are a few tips for getting around:


  • Ride decisively avoiding blind spots, stay clear of the kerb and don't forget to use signals
  • Use your lights when visibility is poor, be seen with reflective clothing and accessories and, try to use a helmet where possible
  • Remember the Highway Code,  observing ‘stop’ and ‘give way’, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights
  • Follow campus road markings, particularly one-way
  • Be especially cautious around car parks


  • Look out for cyclists, use your indicators and always check for cyclists when opening your door
  • Give cyclists plenty of space when over taking them - if there isn’t enough space, hold back
  • Follow the Highway Code including ‘stop’ and ‘give way’ signs and traffic lights
  • Keep it under 15 mph. Speed Cameras are in operation and tickets will be given for any speeding offences


  • Wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight at night and use paths whenever possible
  • Keep an eye out for traffic and other hazards
  • Don't wear headphones and carry a mobile phone

Vice Chancellor, Professor Bob Allison, said: “We each have a duty to ourselves and others to keep our campus a safe place. With the darker nights drawing in and the winter months ahead, it is important that we take more care with our cars, bikes and when getting around on foot. Being mindful of what you are doing and how you behave will help to reduce the amount of unfortunate, avoidable incidents that occurred last year.”

For more information on staying safe, click here.

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