Academic publishes new book exploring Organisational Resilience

Dr Ran Bhamra’s latest publication exploring organisational resilience develops Loughborough University’s expertise in one of its core themes, Secure and Resilient Societies.

The book, titled Organisational Resilience: Concepts, Integration, and Practice, explores a key question that all organisations face - how to become and stay competitive.

Including contributions from other researchers at Loughborough, the book captures the diversity and depth of current thinking about research on organisational-related resilience.

Organisational Resilience brings together, for the first time, key works that describe the scope and nature of resilience and provides direction to take the field forwards. A response not only to rapidly growing interest in this field, but to the increased importance placed on it, the book presents a broad introduction to research, knowledge, and practice.

Examining resilience at the organisational level, the book clarifies the commonality of concepts and practice that exists among disparate research disciplines and, establishes a singular ‘go-to’ work that can be used to develop operational and strategic practices. 

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