Whole Earth exhibition extended

The Whole Earth? exhibition will now be on campus until the end of the month, giving staff, students and the community longer to visit the thought provoking display.  

WHOLE EARTH? is based on the idea that today’s young people, students and universities can help lead society to a more sustainable future. It is designed to help stimulate the creativity of those getting involved, making a significant contribution to the global society.  

The exhibition was originally set to be on campus until 2 November but will now run to the later date of 27 November.

WHOLE EARTH? was launched simultaneously in the UK, Australia and Scandinavia. Later it will be shipped to universities in Bangladesh as part of a wider global roll out.

Students and tutors are invited to articulate the kind of the world they want to live in and share their research and ideas about how to create a safe and secure society.

Venues are connected via a YouTube channel so that students can communicate across campuses and continents. Academics and students can upload responses, opinions and comments about WHOLE EARTH via YouTube or tweet #studentearth.

As this exhibition is public and open for any members of the community to come and see, it will also mean working closely with local partners to enhance the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the community.

The challenge areas covered by the exhibition are: The Arts, The New Economies, Media Studies, Political Science, Science & Technology, Finance, Philosophy, Fashion, Agriculture, History, Engineering, Business, Biology, Geography, Teacher Training and Religious Studies

The exhibition at Loughborough is being hosted by the Sustainability Team. 

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