Loughborough University student welcomes community to local arts exhibition

The Nine Frames project under construction

A new social initiative to bring together Loughborough University and the wider community is currently underway.

The ‘Nine Frames’ project, which is being organised by Fine Art student Thomas Walker, involves the construction of a creative art space at the Towles building in Loughborough.

The aim is to create an art exhibition which both the University and local community can enjoy, with local artists also being invited to explore the space and contribute pieces of their own work.

Local charity SOFA is a part of the project and will set aside the top floor of their building for the Nine Frames exhibition from 24 November to 10 December.

The project will have a range of interactive individual spaces, which will each have a different theme. Each space is an individual platform where anyone can create and exhibit art.

So far, there are plans to have one room with a white wall gallery and classical paintings and another one filled with club music and dancing.

Thomas said: “We’re so excited to be running this project and think it will be really well received by students, staff and the local community.

“Loughborough has a creative heritage and some fantastic arts programmes but it’s about showcasing them and making our mark.”

As well as linking the University and local community, Thomas also hopes the project will reinvent the traditional perceptions of art and showcase a more interactive experience.

“There will be a core group of Art students from the University who will guide the event and ensure each space is used to its fullest. It’s important to stress that there is no theme or title to work under, whether it be a sculpture, drawing, performance, music or anything else in each space, we welcome it all, it’s all about being diverse and having fun.

“SOFA have been fantastic in helping us to achieve this and supported us throughout. The Towles building has beautiful and unique architecture, it’s the perfect place for our exhibition.”

The exhibition is open for everyone to attend from 24 November to 10 December at the Towles Building in Loughborough. Anyone interested in the project or submitting work can contact Thomas Walker on 07469880821 or email t.walker-14@student.lboro.ac.uk

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