Catch the General Election buzz with Loughborough University’s new VoteBee App

A new app created by academics at Loughborough University enables you to track the nation’s mood about the General Election through Twitter.

VoteBee uses the ground-breaking Emotive Engine to search for tweets about the key political parties, policies and politicians in the run up to May 7. The system can analyse up to 3,000 tweets a second using just one computer.

From these tweets it extracts a direct expression of one of eight basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, shame and confusion.

VoteBee, and the Emotive Engine, have been developed by Professor Tom Jackson, Dr Martin Sykora and Dr Suzanne Elayan from the Centre for Information Management, based in the School of Business and Economics

The app enables you to see what people are tweeting about, including images, as well giving you an insight into how they are feeling about the latest news, campaigning and policy announcements.

Professor Jackson explains: “The app is a great way to get instant insight into the emotions that are invoked from politician’s speeches, news on policy releases or battle grounds like the NHS or Tax, or just what the general public are talking about when it comes to the General Election 2015.”

A free version of Votebee can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. A paid version of the app, which offers more detailed data, can also be purchased.

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