Homemade pizza set to get even better, thanks to Loughborough University Student

Image: Forno (Ben Kippax)

A pioneering Loughborough University student could be about to improve the quality of homemade pizzas thanks to his new invention - Forno.

Ben Kippax, 22, from Hereford, has created a stone bake pizza oven that can be used safely indoors, as part of his Industrial Design and Technology.

Powered by a non-toxic bio-gel, Forno cooks pizza with a real flame, which imitates the traditional experience and tastes of pizzerias.

Forno was crafted with the help of the University’s ceramics experts from the School of Arts, English & Drama  and is able to deliver a quality pizza that can only be replicated by expensive outdoor wooden pizza ovens.

The product is currently at prototype phase but has the potential to revolutionise the way that the popular Italian dish is cooked at home.

Ben explained: “Forno creates a genuine stone bake pizza, something that you can’t get with current indoor solutions.

“Different products have electronic elements that deliver a toasty-maker kind of style, or are outside and require big fan extraction systems. 

“Forno uses a real cordierite pizza stone and fire without smoke, made possible by the bio-gel.

“This is currently used in the catering industry for warming food but not for purely cooking food.

“It's an existing technology that's being used in an innovative way, at the same time as representing the heritage and craft that surrounds pizza.”

Professor Tracy Bhamra, Dean of Loughborough Design School, added: "Ben’s design is really interesting, we have enjoyed watching him develop it across the last eight months and I know he has really enjoyed working with colleagues in School of Arts, English & Drama to develop the ceramic elements. 

“The fact that he has been able to develop something so attractive and usable is very impressive.”

Forno was showcased at the Loughborough University Design School Show, between 12-15 June. 

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